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A total of 18 SMHS students turned in all of their work in the first semester while dealing with COVID-19 quarantines and a adjusted class layout. Pictured: Front (left to right) Mackenzie Hammonds, Kirsten Miller, Macie Rimel, Jayden Martin, Taryn Fuller, Gracie Barden, Sarah Baskin, Katelyn Ablineau, Ryan Osier, Kaleb Morris; (back) Sydney Harvey, Caralena Humphrey, Kylie Boutillier, Katharine Keogh, Tayla Janssen, Sami Sindt, Brennen Green, and Abby Basking.

A handful of students at St. Maries High School made efforts during the first semester to not miss any assignments.

The 18 students who turned in all their work were able to accomplish the task while working around COVID-19 measures and absences. Staff at the high school also said that the students have had to take on two online courses as well.

SMHS Instructor Kim O’Connor, who also put together the materials to honor the students, said that a lot of the students came into the year not used to the new class structure. She said she was impressed to see the students show so much responsibility.

“All of the kids have had to face some challenges this year, even the ones who didn’t turn in all of their work,” Ms. O’Connor said. “The accomplishment doesn’t necessary reflect academic accomplishments but rather responsibility.”

She said that some of the students who completed all of their first semester assignments took advantage of the opportunities the high school has offered this semester. Ms. O’Connor said that though the school doesn’t have class on Fridays, the building is still open for students to come in for help or to complete assignments.

“Fridays the school is open for students to come in and a lot took advantage of that opportunity,” Ms. O’Connor said. “Students are supposed to get Friday assignments too, so those students were able to complete those as well.”

Freshman Tayla Jannsen said that she decided to keep her grades up as well as never miss an assignment because she plays sports and wanted to make sure she could participate.

“Sports is a big part of why I tried to stay on top,” Tayla said. “It’s something that I want to try to keep up with throughout my time in school.”

Senior Jayden Martin said that she appreciates being able to attend school in person at all and wants to take advantage of the time she gets in the classroom.

“I’ve always tried to stay on top of things since I was a freshman,” Jayden said. “I’m just really grateful to be at school and I want to take advantage so I don’t fall behind.”

Junior Katelyn Albineau said that her goal entering high school was to put more effort into her schooling. With her progress so far this year and being able to turn in all of her assignments, she said that her efforts are paying off.

“Since I started high school I decided to put more effort into my schooling. I’m not sure what I want to do after I graduate but I think if I keep working hard that something will come to me,” Katelyn said. “I want to keep getting all my work in, I really like not feeling like I have the weight on my shoulders.”

The 18 students listed as turning in all of their assignments are: Tayla Jannsen, Katie Keough, Abby Basking, Kylie Boutillier, Sydney Harvey, Caralena Humphrey, Sami Sindt, Brennan Green, Ryan Osier, Kaleb Morris, Katelyn Albineau, Gracie Barden, Taryn Fuller, Mackenzie Hammond, Jayden Martin, Kirsten Miller, Sarah Baskin and Macie Rimel.

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