Terry Leo Fuchs

Born Terry Leo Fuchs, August 6th, 1955 to Leo James Fuchs and Ila Rhea Louise (Weatherford) Fuchs in Spokane, Washington. Terry was the oldest sibling of four children born of this union, one brother and two sisters. Terry died July 18th, 2021 at approximately 6:00pm at his home outside Worley, Idaho after a long battle with cancer.

Terry was a lifelong resident of the area, he spent time growing up in Tekoa, Washington; Endicott, Washington; and finally Worley, Idaho. Terry attended Endicott School Dist.and then the Worley School Dist. starting in 1969 where he graduated from in 1974. Terry’s Dad, Leo, was a farmer in the Endicott, Tekoa and Worley areas. They farmed in the summer and logged during the winter months around Worley. The family had many animals they raised as part of the farm including cows, hogs, chickens, and horses.

Terry married Wanda Sharlene Hirschel of Plummer, Idaho shortly after highschool on June 21st, 1974 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. They had first met each other at the age of 5 years old where they were the ring bearer and flower girl in the same wedding for Terry’s cousin Roger Olson and Wanda’s sister Mary Ann Coe. After their wedding they settled in Plummer, Idaho for a few years. Together Terry and Wanda had two sons, Troy Allen (1976) and Todd Michael (1978), and one daughter, Amy Lynn (1981). In 1979, the family moved to a farm outside Worley, Idaho where the family still lives today.

Early on, in Terry and Wanda’s marriage, Terry worked for several different employers all related to the logging industry. Terry loved to log! He operated self loading log trucks back in those days and worked at the Mill in Plummer, Idaho.

Terry eventually hired on to Pacific Crown’s highline skid crew where he was mainly a sawyer; a position he would carry throughout most of his logging career, running Husqvarna chainsaws and physically abusing Ford pickups. Terry did this kind of logging until 2001. He worked for Pacific Crown many years taking him all over the area including many places in the Coeur d’Alene’s; St. Regis, Montana; the St. Joe River, Avery and Marble Creek. In 1986, Terry went to work for Zimmerman Logging (later known as Darby Logging) out of Troy, Idaho where he continued to saw. Working for Zimmerman, this took Terry further into the woods, falling the largest Cedar trees out there. He mainly worked in the St. Maries River Drainages and on the Clearwater River region, most notably to him areas around Clarkia, The Little North Fork of the Clearwater near Boehls Cabin in the Floodwood, Breakfast Creek, Yellow Jacket etc. He would work the Elk River area, places like Elk Butte, Shattuck Butte, Isabella, Weitas Creek (which he hated more than any other place) etc. in the Dworshak Reservoir drainage. Terry spent countless times in some sort of logging camp. It was rough on him and the family being separated so much, but it was also the best times when they could join him in those logging camps.

In 2001, Terry and Wanda decided to get out of Logging, sort of! He would work with Plummer Forest Products (later known as Stimson) on the construction of their new stud mill. He would eventually operate the debarker and help manage the log yard by loading and unloading trucks and railcars, sorting logs, high decking logs etc. He even fancied himself as a mechanic once in a while. In the Spring of 2019 Terry retired from Stimson, in the high hopes of camping and fishing, and spending time with his wife Wanda, friends and family. Even helping out on his son-in-laws farm around Plummer.

Terry was a Devout Catholic, very disciplined in his faith, never pushed himself on others, a very quiet man. Terry was Baptized October 25th, 1958 at The Sacred Heart Church in Tekoa, Washington. The same church he will be buried from. Terry had left the church for many years. He returned to the church in 2004. He has previously filled in for the Priest to help with Communion Service. Terry was the Treasurer for the St. Michael Catholic Church in Worley for many years.

Terry was one of the smartest people you would ever meet, he was well read, he self educated himself his entire life. He knew history; learned calculus; studied Latin. He had a very large collection of books to help facilitate this. When home computers came out he was one of the first to buy one, he then taught himself to program the computer. He once taught himself to play acoustic guitar and trumpet. In later years, he was listening to classical music pieces, something he got from his mother Ila Rhea.

Terry had a lot of interests. He was proud of his family history and German Heritage. He studied and researched the historical aspects around the family. Part of that heritage for him was making sausage and bratwurst, smoking the sausage the way the older generations in the family had done before him. He made sauerkraut, many different kinds, but the best had to be his jalapeno sauerkraut. In recent years, he taught himself to make good beer and hard cider from raw ingredients, growing some of them himself. Terry liked to BBQ, he liked smoking turkeys and hogs as his Dad had done.

Terry had built himself a nice yard, with a large garden that he and Wanda attended to, he had planted a large orchard that had apples, pears, peaches, almonds, walnuts, plums, hops and raspberries. Over the years, they raised chickens, cows, rabbits, and turkeys. Terry had his beloved horses and donkeys, and occasionally he was a goat rancher. He had many dogs over the years that he loved.

Terry wasn’t always big on TV until they started coming in sizes 55 inches and larger. Before that he would rather read, work on his computer, or listen to talk radio, (his favorites being Rush Limbaugh and Art Bell) and sometimes even music. He liked to watch John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movies, Gunsmoke with Marshal Matt Dillon, The Andy Griffith Show and many of the other older westerns were constant favorites of his. Terry never missed a Gonzaga Basketball game.

Terry was a strong conservative man. He loved America, he loved his family, he liked to talk about current events and politics. He liked talking about guns, shooting and reloading. He was a lifetime member of the NRA, starting in 1974. He would hunt and fish, things he wanted to do more of. Terry and Wanda loved to camp and fish together, they liked to go to places they had gone to in their earlier years of marriage, maybe a place near a former work site.

Terry leaves behind his wife Wanda after 47 years of marriage and their three children, Troy (Bobbie) Fuchs of Rockford, Todd Fuchs of Spokane Valley, and Amy (Chad) Haeg of Plummer. He leaves ten grandchildren behind: Jazmyne, Sean, Tyler, Kaidence, Ryleah, Garand, Cale, Tia, Layla and Carsten. Surviving Terry is his sister Kim W. (Jason) Hix of Lewiston, brother Michael J. Fuchs of Spokane, sister Cheryl L. Boss of Worley, half-brother Ryan M. Fuchs of Plummer and half-sister Melinda S. Fuchs of Worley. He leaves his Uncle Neil Fuchs, his Uncle Albi & Aunt Linda Weatherford and his Aunt Bev Fuchs; many cousins; nieces and nephews; and many friends from work and church over the years. He was preceded in death by both his parents, Leo J. Fuchs and Ila Rhea Bowers, both in 2011.

Terry was buried at Goldenrod Cemetery in Tekoa, Washington near many other family members and friends on Wednesday, July 28th, 2021. Arrangements were handled by Kramer Funeral Home of Tekoa Washington.