This is one gay guy they weren’t proud about.

You would think that if a bunch of big white guys beat hell out of a little gay guy that the liberal set would come unglued. Add to the mix the fact the gay man is a minority and it seems certain folks who always howl about injustice would still be shrieking.

Instead we got very little from the outrage crowd.

And don’t forget, this beat down of the gay guy came on the heels of those endless gay pride parades. For the last several weeks there has been no shortage of media coverage about how proud everyone is at these various celebrations for gay pride.

But in contrast to all that massive media attention, the coverage of this horror was rather muted.

The only people who seemed proud were the muscle-bound thugs who beat up Andy Ngo. They strutted about like so many peacocks.

Well, not peacocks exactly.

While it is true this bunch did strut about with protruding chests - most peacocks don’t wear masks.

And how is it that anyone could offer any semblance of support to a group of goons who wear masks and beat people up? Yet some in the media make excuses for these hooligans. Some of whom wore brown shirts – although that analogy is likely lost on the deep thinkers who talk on TV today.

The Portland newspaper did cover the event. Their reporting described the beat-down and included a video of what happened. Though the reporter was quick to point out the video did not depict how the fracas started. Good grief, as if this really small guy waded into the throng of hooligans with clubs and started throwing punches.

What happened is Andy Ngo, the small Asian guy with a reputation for conservative views, walked among the brave masked thugs to film them. They did what they always do - they bunched up and beat the tar out of him because they disagree with his views.

Yet it was Mr. Ngo who the newspaper described as a “provocateur.”

So a bunch of goons – the fact they hide behind masks to protect their identity seems somewhat provocative – beat the crap out of a little guy and it’s the little guy whose motives are questioned?

What’s more, the reporter went on to explain that Mr. Ngo has written some things that are “controversial.” By controversial, he means Mr. Ngo write opinion pieces with which the liberal-set disagrees.

Given this logic, if this reporter covered a rape trial his story would be along the lines of she-deserved-it-because-she-wore-a-short-skirt.

But the Antifa crew, which inexplicably gets the media white-glove treatment, did not stop at gay bashing. It turns out they don’t discriminate based on sexual preference.

As it turns out two elderly white men were among those attacked by the mob. One was severely bloodied and required some 25 stitches to close the gash in his head. Witnesses said the attackers used a crowbar and a padlock inside a sock as weapons.

In both cases, cops stood and watched.

One thing for certain, Andy Ngo is no coward. This is not the first time this small Asian guy has been bashed by Antifa thugs.

And he is not alone. It has become fairly common for liberals, especially on college campuses, to employee threatening behavior to silence speaker of opposing views.

While these demonstrations are not always violent, they are always destructive – and that goes beyond the property they destroy.

The puzzler is why do so many liberals, whether college presidents or the mayor of Portland, support this thuggery?

The violence we saw in Portland last week will continue to spread as long as these thugs can attack people with whom they disagree with no repercussions.

Despite that, Mr. Ngo refuses to bow down.

Now that’s something to be proud of.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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