Everyone knows of Charlton Heston. Not too many people have heard of Mimi Groves. That could explain why the famous movie star got, well – star treatment – while Mimi was led to slaughter by the Left.

But probably not.

If Charlton Heston did today what he did in 1992 The Woke Left would have cancelled him and tried to ruin his life - just like they did to Mimi. Things really have changed that much.

Here’s the back story:

Heston was a unicorn. Not only was he a big Hollywood star, he was a staunch conservative. That probably would not be possible today. In addition to supporting gun rights (Heston served several years as president of the National Rifle Association), he campaigned relentlessly against sewer music.

Of course, they don’t call it sewer music. They just call it music.

In 1992 Heston became so fed up with the crap Rap stars sell to children, he made a speech at the Time Warner annual meeting. Charlton Heston may have been a great actor, but unlike actors today – he was also smart.

The speech he gave at the Time-Warner annual meeting was written by one of the company’s big stars: Ice Cube. Heston simply read the words to one of the Rapper’s most popular songs, one of the songs that Time Warner made money selling to children.

The lyrics were so foul, the content so disgusting, that the high-falutin’ crowd at the annual meeting was silenced in embarrassment.

Now, the lyrics were not exceptional by rap standards. Mr. Ice Cube’s lyrics - about sex, including sodomizing really young girls, and killing cops – are standard fare from this particular cadre of fine artists.

When he was done sharing Ice Cube’s literary genius, Heston left the room and read the same lyrics to the reporters outside. The reporters told him that they ‘couldn’t print that stuff’ – which was his point.

Really rich executives at Time-Warner were getting richer selling crap to brainless kids. Heston wanted it stopped. It worked. The company split with Ice Cube a few months later.

Mimi Groves wasn’t alive then. In fact, she’s probably never heard of Charlton Heston. That could explain why she didn’t know that it was taboo for her to repeat words rap stars say all the time.

Mimi, who was 15 at the time and trying to be cool, used the ‘N’ word in a post on Snapchat. She was trying to convey to a friend – just like the rap stars do in their music - how hip she was with the ‘N’ word.

She had just received her driver’s license and she posted the following: “I can drive, (N-word).”

Dumb? Sure. What 15-year-old doesn’t do dumb things? But she was just repeating what she heard every day in popular music. She thought – just like a rap star ensconced in gold chains – she was being cool.

Well, not so much.

Some creepy kid, who probably had a crush on the popular cheerleader, kept the post. For four years. When he learned last month that Mimi earned a spot on the national champion University of Tennessee cheer squad, he struck.

He distributed her post via the Internet and the trained seals who dominated social media responded with vengeance. That ended everything for Mimi. Just because artists – their word, not ours – wear out the ‘N’ word doesn’t mean Mimi could use it once.

Her recent posts supporting for Black Lives Matter (hey, we already explained she is a naïve teen) did not matter. The liberal-set decided Mimi was a racist and that was the end of her life as she knew it.

She was disgraced. She was kicked off the cheer squad. She was forced to withdraw from school. She was cancelled.

She may not think it now, but Mimi will recover some day. The good news is she learned an early lesson about liberals and double-standards.

Let’s hope it takes.

And speaking of the Left, National Public Radio made news this week. News that works with this column, given it continues with the sewer-music theme. And please don’t forget, NPR is partially financed with your tax dollars.

It seems the elites at NPR decided that Cardi B’s smash hit song “WAP” is one of the very, very best of 2020.

Now we can’t write the title of the song in this space. It’s that bad. Let’s just say it has to do with a female body part and humidity.

This song is so foul that Charlton Heston would not dare read the words in public. Really. It is that bad. If you’re desperate to know the lyrics, ask your teen daughter. She likely has them memorized.

So why, a taxpayer may ask, does tax-funded NPR praise such ‘art?’ There is no good answer.

But perhaps NPR touts this type of trash for the same reason the Left expects taxpayers to pay for gender studies in Pakistan.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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My heart goes out to Mimi Groves and her family.

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