As bad as the news that you read every day can be, the news you never read can be even worse.

This next tidbit did not get much media attention. Presumably reporters were too busy nailing down exactly what flavor of ice cream most recently gained President Biden’s favor.

But this seems interesting so we thought we would share.

Let’s start with the news you do know:

So we all know that the U.S. government helped pay for research in a Chinese lab. Yes that lab. The very same lab a lot of reasonable people believe is the source of the virus that has killed four million – and counting.

For whatever reason, Tony Fauci deemed it a good use of your tax money to pay the most evil government in the world to learn how to make bad viruses worse.

Now that’s not how Tony Fauci would say it of course. As a life-long bureaucrat – likely the highest paid bureaucrat in the world – Dr. Fauci would dress this pig up to sing. He would explain how valuable all this really is. He would describe, while panting reporters nodded, that making a bad virus horrible may sound bad but it’s actually very, very good.

Besides, the Chinese really, really promised, with crossed-hearts and everything, not do anything bad.

Yeah, and he would gloss over that last part. Reasonable people would wonder why anyone would trust the most evil government in the world to do anything proper. Unfortunately, reasonable people were in short supply when these decisions were made.

Decisions? You mean this happened more than once?

Yup. That’s the news. It happened quite a lot actually. Your tax money was given to Chinese scientists, who work for a government that does awful things to anyone it can – all the while promising the demise of the United States – on several occasions.

Now, we don’t know any of this because Tony Fauci told us. In fact, he forgot to mention any of this at any one of his hundreds of interviews he has given. And it has been many hundreds of interviews.

The guy’s on TV more than Ryan Seacrest.

But despite all those opportunities to talk, and how he does love to talk, Dr. Fauci never mentioned the additional nine grants from Fauci’s agency to something called EcoHealth Alliance.

With such a grand name – EcoHealth – how could anything bad happen?

We don’t know for certain if anything bad did happen. But we do know that the brain trust at EcoHealth worked with a ‘Chinese collaborator’ to study viruses. Now remember, this is in addition to all the other money Fauci gave the Wuhan lab for bat coronavirus research.

And, despite media ‘fact’ checkers’ best efforts to uncheck these facts, we know this because Fauci said so. Well, not in so many words. But he did keep records and emails – and thanks to Judicial Watch – we know what’s in those emails.

Judicial Watch is a conservative foundation that does what reporters once did before they chose sides. They dig and dig, many times going to court to see public records. And those records often show what really happened.

What happened is Fauci routed millions of our tax dollars to China for research that is outlawed in the United States because our scientists agree it is too dangerous.

Seriously. The guy in charge of the National Institute of Health – OUR National Institute of Health – hired China to diddle with viruses in the hopes of making them worse because . . . because . . .

You figure out why, because we can’t come up with a single reasonable explanation for this entire fiasco.

What’s more, with a mostly dis-interested media and constant stonewalling from the federal government, we’ll probably never know.

What we do know is Tony Fauci is paid $417,608 to make those decisions. Not only is he in no danger of losing his job, many media-types continue to extol his virtues.

Great work if you can get it.

DAN HAMMES is the former publisher of the Gazette Record.

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