Bob Rankin is on a roll. Jo Ann Hardesty not so much.

So you’ve never heard of these two people. No reason you should know of them. They don’t even know each other. One lives in Colorado the other lives in Oregon. But both were in the news last week.

Mr. Rankin wanted to be in the news. Ms. Hardesty not so much.

Rob Rankin is now Sen. Bob Rankin of Colorado. He was elected to the legislature there in this month’s election. Sen. Rankin is a Republican and will represent a rural area of Colorado.

But before we get into that, we have to remember that Colorado is a state in transformation. Not that long ago, Colorado was a Republican bastion. That is changing, and changing fast. It comes with the increase in population.

In 2000, the population of Colorado was about 4.3 million. By last year, the population had grown to 5.7 million. That’s not massive growth, but it is growth – and what matters is where the growth is.

Like most states most of the growth in Colorado happens in the urban areas. And that creates problems.

Perhaps biologists can explain it, but our theory is that has to do with exhaust fumes. That is, people in cities breathe too much of it. Over time, all those fumes impact synapses in the brain, producing confusion.

Confusion that results, among other things, in an irrational love for wolves.

For whatever reason urban-types love the thought of wolves roaming about. Never mind, other than the cover of their L.L Bean catalog, they will never see a wolf. They just feel good knowing they are ‘there.’

And make note – ‘there’ is the operative word in this case. That is, these same city-types who desperately love wolves would never want them in their neighborhood.

So along comes Sen. Rankin. He does not have a wolf crush. He knows wolves kill whatever it is they want to kill. Livestock, big game – doesn’t matter. If a wolf pack wants to kill it, it’s dead.

But Colorado voters don’t mind. They voted to bring wolves back. This would never have happened 10 years ago, but as we said, the state has changed. The vote to spend tax money for wolves came from city-types.

All those new city-folk who moved to Colorado wanted wolves in places other than their sweatshirts.

Sen. Rankin figured that since city-folk like wolves so much they can have them. He will introduce a bill that for every wolf dropped into a rural county, one must be placed in an urban county.

Of course, we all know that will never happen. When urban-types vote for wolves, they don’t actually want the wolves where they live. Oh no. They only want them in places where other people live.

Sen. Rankin made noise about wolves for the very purpose of attracting attention to the hypocrisy of left-wing voters.

Jo Ann Hardesty did not want to attract attention. But she made such a fuss she did attract attention and her liberal hypocrisy was exposed.

Ms. Hardesty is a city commissioner in Portland, Oregon. Our guess is she worships wolves, but we don’t know that for certain. What we do know for certain is she hates cops.

In fact, she is so mad about cops, she wants to cut $18 million from the police budget. Critics say that would result in huge layoffs and slow police response to 911 calls.

Like the 911 call Ms. Hardesty placed just four days after she voted to cut the cop budget.

It seems Ms. Hardesty hired a Lyft driver for a ride home from a casino. She told the Lyft driver to roll up his window. He said he could not do that because regulations mandated that he leave it open as part of the war on COVID.

Now, whether that is true or not, we don’t know. But it does sound dumb enough to make perfect sense for Oregon.

The Lyft driver said Ms. Hardesty was so rude, so vocal, so ornery that he pulled over at a convenience store and asked her to get out of his vehicle. She called the cops instead.

So here’s a lady who claims cops aren’t really necessary but the first people she calls when a car window is down – is the cops.

Lyft is backing the driver. He has an outstanding service record. In fact, he had provided more than 18,000 rides without a fuss – until Ms. Hardesty got in his car.

Voters need to check her record before the next election.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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