It goes on so long it’s a good thing it gets comical sometimes.

The reference, of course, is to the presidential campaign. Last week, amid all the tumult about the virus, yet another debate, followed by another caucus, followed by another primary with that followed by several more primaries – there was some humor.

The best may have been the old white guy on the stage dancing to rap music. Apparently there is nothing these politicians won’t do to get a vote. So that is how it was Tom Steyer found himself on a stage last week in South Carolina trying to scrounge up votes before the primary.

If you’re first reaction is ‘Tom who?’ don’t fret. A lot of people don’t know a guy named Tom Steyer was running for president. He was the other/other billionaire running.

And yes, if you’re counting at home, that made three billionaires running for president this year.

Anyhow, it is because of the very fact that so few people know that Tom Steyer was running for president that Tom Steyer got up on stage to dance to rap music.

And it kinda’ makes sense.

Tom Steyer was not doing well in his presidential campaign. Tom Steyer needed to attract attention. Tom Steyer is an old white guy. Tom Steyer dances like an old white guy.

To say it another way, when Tom Steyer dances, it attracts attention.

And it almost worked. Tom did not win any delegates, but he did get 11% of the vote in South Carolina. That’s more than Mayor Pete – who had claimed the mantle as the media-darling-for-the-week. But alas, the rap vote wasn’t enough to put Tom over the top.

While his wiggle led him to a third-place finish, Tom dropped out after the South Carolina vote was tallied.

While this is a just a minor item from the long and costly Tom Steyer campaign, one other item is worth noting; the choice of song did seem curious.

Tom Steyer was not the only guy that stage for his last dance. An artist named Juvenile was there with him. Perhaps Juvenile is quite famous – probably more so than Tom Steyer. But our bet is most readers have never heard of Juvenile.

But there was Juvenile, with the requisite backward hats, on the stage with Tom. Of course, there’s no point of having an artist on stage if the artist doesn’t sing a song. So, Juvenile did.

Well, actually, it was a rap song. So ‘singing’ may not be an apt description. But however he did it, Juvenile busted into one of his very favorites.

Oh boy. Nice choice.

The title of the song is “Back That Azz Up.”

Yeah, it means what it says. The title gives an apt description of what you think the lyrics may be. We would publish the lyrics right here for you to read. But we can’t. They are simply too . . . too, descriptive.

Somehow this doesn’t seem like a great look: A white guy, who happens to be running for president, dancing like a white guy to the song “Back That Azz Up” – all this during the height of the ‘Me Too’ movement.

The good news is the Tom Steyer campaign is over, which means whoever planned the event with Mr. Juvenile is looking for a job today.

Unfortunately, Mr. Juvenile still has work.

But it does make one wonder.

Given all the fancy consultants, given all the pollsters, given all the policy advisors, given all the money – what’s happened to politics?

Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas had none of those things. They didn’t even have a microphone. Yet somehow, 160 years later, we still talk about the Lincoln-Douglas debates.

Yet today, a billionaire spends millions on the greatest political minds, the most savvy media mavens, the best analysts and what do we get?

Back that Azz Up.

It’s no wonder half the people don’t vote.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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