By now everyone, and that means everyone, has seen the picture of Bernie Sanders at the inauguration. There he was, sitting in a chair, legs crossed, looking grumpy and mighty bored – with those massive mittens.

Now it makes perfect sense that Bernie looked a grump. This year marks the second-consecutive election the Democrat power-brokers cheated him out of the nomination. Even the most jolly among us, and Bernie is never that, would be perturbed.

(It is just us, or have you noticed that socialists are an angry bunch? If they aren’t whining about not having enough of your stuff, they’re off destroying other people’s property or beating up cop cars. We should be grateful, perhaps, that Bernie is merely a pouty-mad socialists rather than the burn-it-down variety.)

But make no mistake, the fact Bernie and his mittens were bored makes perfect sense. Hey, the featured speaker was Joe Biden.

But it was the mittens that got Bernie more attention than he ever managed as a candidate. Memes of Bernie were everywhere. As funny as the mitten memes may be, the story about the lady who made the mittens is the better message.

And the irony of this country’s most famous socialist wearing her mittens - that by itself is worth a chuckle.

The lady who made the now-famous mittens is Jen Ellis. Unlike Bernie, she is not a career-politician millionaire who owns three houses. Like a lot of people who are not rich politicians, Jen wanted to earn extra income. So she made mittens.

In fact, she gave Bernie the very mittens that became famous at the inauguration. And that proved to be fantastic advertising. Following the event, she was inundated with requests to buy the mittens.

She declined. And her reason for not wanting to make more mittens worn by the socialist is just too darn good not to share.

Here’s how she told it: “I don’t have much of a mitten business anymore because it really wasn’t worth it. Independent crafters really get taken for a ride by the federal government. We get taxed to the nth degree and it wasn’t really worth it pursuing that as a business, even as a side-hustle.”

You gotta’ love it.

First, a socialist makes her mittens famous. So famous that people want to buy them – yet the lady already knows the extra effort isn’t worth it because the government would take too much of her money.

Then it gets even worse. The lady who said taxes are too high – she voted for Bernie.

Hypocrisy is always funny, but the Left raises it to a fine art.

Consider the case of John Kerry, the newly-designated, Joe-Biden-just-made-this-up Climate Envoy.

Envoy to what, or where, we aren’t just certain yet. Sometimes details can be sketchy with our new president. What is certain, is wherever John Kerry decides to go be an envoy, he will do it in class.

And remember, this is the same John Kerry who has been yammering about global warming since his wife bought him his first jet. But it is not just his private jet that makes John Kerry a puzzling ‘envoy’ for all things climate.

There is the small matter of his diesel-gulping, 76’ yacht. And yes, this is the very same yacht that he docked in Rhode Island to avoid paying taxes in Massachusetts.

You might remember that story.

It hit the news about the same time he was in Olympia urging his fellow liberals who run Washington to raise taxes on working families to pay for yet another climate scheme.

So at the same time he ducks his taxes he is cheerleading for higher taxes on working families - working families that don’t include a rich wife.

Hypocrisy? At its finest. And there’s more.

John Kerry, thanks to his really rich wife, owns several homes and many vehicles in addition to his yacht. And he really, really likes to travel - in that private jet.

To say it another way, Joe Biden’s ‘climate envoy’ has a bigger carbon footprint than most small countries.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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Forgive me for laughing… You spent four years ignoring incendiary tweets from Trump, so what’s your real beef? Rampant hypocrisy is what Republicans exhibit all the time.

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