If Acushnet Holdings Corporation dubbed their drive, then by comparison the people running Joe Biden hit theirs out of bounds.

That’s as bad a lede as we’ve written in a while, and that’s saying something. But we’ll decline the mulligan and simply power through.

Apologies first for the poor play on golf syntax. It’s our cutesy way of introducing the company that makes Titleist golf balls and news they made last week, with a dose of Biden White House antics added for flavor.

Don’t fret if you missed this. They are minor blips in a week full of news. But they do deserve more attention since they say something about the state of things today.

So Acushnet Holdings is a publicly-traded company that makes products for golfers, which explains why their stock symbol is GOLF. Clever those people.

Except the clever people at Acushnet did something really dumb last week.

Among other products, the company sells Titleist golf balls. The company offers a service to customers who want to personalize their golf balls with special messages imprinted on them.

If you’ve golfed at all, you’ve seen the messages. They range from the ever-popular note for a Father’s Day gift: “Best Dad Ever” to comical messages such as: “Return to Sender” or “Nice Shot, Wrong Fairway.”

There is nothing new about any of this. What is new is the people at Titleist managed to take the mundane – imprinting a golf ball – and making it political.

Caleb Hull is a conservative social media type. He thought it would be great fun to have golf ball imprinted with the popular slogan “Let’s Go Brandon” in honor of our president. You will remember that the chant got its start during a national broadcast of a NASCAR race.

Since then it has spread everywhere. You will not only hear “Let’s Go Brandon” at football games, but recently three different songs based on the chant were among the most popular tunes on the hip-hop charts.

So the entire “Let’s Go Brandon” theme is quite popular.

But it will never be popular at your local golf course.

Titleist refuses to print the message on golf balls. If you try to order the imprint “Let’s Go Brandon” the company declines your order.

They say some imprints may be banned if they are “inconsistent with our company values.” And that’s all fine. The people at Titleist can make whatever rules they want.

But if “Let’s Go Brandon” violates those rules – how come “Kill Cops” does not?

Seriously. As of last week customers could order golf balls with that message. They could also have the message “Kill Trump” imprinted on their new Titleist golf balls.

So “Let’s Go Brandon” is inconsistent with the values at Acushnet Holdings – their words, not ours – but calling for the murder of cops or an ex-president is fine?

Strange times.

And speaking of values, Joe Biden wanted the world to know about his. That’s why he sponsored “The Summit for Democracy” last week.

According to a press release, “The Biden-Harris Administration had made clear that renewing democracy in the United States and around the world is essential to meeting the unprecedented challenges of our time.”

Got that? Joe Biden thinks that “renewing democracy” is really, really important. So important he played host to the two-day, on-line event to do just that. Whatever his faults, Joe Biden is all-in for “renewing democracy.”

Unless, of course, it offends China.

As far as summits go, Joe Biden’s “Summit for Democracy” was going quite well. Right up until that lady from Taiwan appeared on the screen.

It seems the lady from Taiwan had a map in the background - a map that showed Taiwan in a different color than China. That inferred that Taiwan is a separate and independent nation from China.

Now you don’t have to be a business partner with China – like Hunter Biden tells us the Biden family is – to understand this would upset China. China refuses to acknowledge Taiwan and punishes anyone who does.

Given that the first rule of a successful business partnership is the partners have to get along – the White House took immediate action.

They cut the video feed of the Taiwanese minister.

So in the midst of a “Summit for Democracy” Joe Biden’s White House used government power to censor an independent voice to appease the most ruthless, murderous government in the world.

That sends a clear message about the Biden-Harris Administration.

But you’d have more luck getting it on a golf ball than you will ever seeing the media report the story.

DAN HAMMES is the former publisher of the Gazette Record.

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And you constantly complain about Biden? Why don't you admit to Trump's cons, lies, loss, and criminal activities? Soon you will witness the truth!

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