How do they say these things with a straight face?

So last week Elizabeth Warren was on another one of her rants about how unfair things are. The gist, of course, is that if we elect her President she will use the power of the government to make things fair.

And yes, it is remarkable that some people believe that. But what is more astounding is some people actually want a government so powerful it can do what Ms. Warren promises.

But ignore that. Politicians say ridiculous stuff all the time. Like breathing, it’s what they do.

And just never-you-mind that Ms. Warren cheated the system to get high-paying jobs. And even though she cheated to get what she wanted, she’s here to tell you she is a new person. And now, after getting rich by cheating, she is ready to fix things for the rest of us.

But it’s what she says about billionaires that should cause pause.

And yes, we get it that it is now quite fashionable among the Young Socialist Set to hate rich people because they are rich. And again, just never-you-mind that the two top Socialists – Ms. Warren and Mr. Bernie – are very, very rich people.

And let’s do a double just never-you-mind that these two very, very rich people – Ms. Warren and Mr. Bernie – got rich by working in ‘public service.’

Ms. Warren told us last week that billionaires are ‘freeloaders.’ The point, of course, is that anybody who is a ‘freeloader’ deserves what they get and she plans to get them good.

And remember she said this about ‘freeloaders’ without so much as a blush. Think about that.

This lady is a highly-paid U.S. Senator. Her big wages include benefits mere taxpayers cannot afford, and with an obscene retirement package. And what exactly does she produce for her money?

Go ahead, try to put that into words. We dare you.

Yet she has the gall to claim billionaires are ‘freeloaders.’

We’re not here to carry water for billionaires. We don’t know any billionaires. But just watching from afar, it seems as if most billionaires in addition to living a good life, employ lots and lots of people and give plenty of cash to charity.

Consider the recent local news.

Just last week Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, gave $5 million to build housing and provide services for poor people in Spokane. It was just a portion of the $98.5 million he gave away for similar projects throughout the country. He will do it all again next year. And this is just one of his many charitable efforts.

Bill and Melinda Gates, the second richest people on the planet, have done more for the welfare, health and future of poor people than perhaps anyone in history.

Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison, the Walton family, the Koch brothers and Barron Hilton are other billionaires who you may be familiar with who give millions to charity every year. There are many dozens of others you have never heard about who do the same.

Yet Ms. Warren – a politician! – considers them ‘freeloaders’ and promises to punish them.

The bunch of socialists who have taken ownership of the Democrat Party, led by Ms. Warren and Mr. Bernie, are an interesting bunch. They seethe with anger. They are especially angry at rich people.

Their thinking – and that is a generous description – is that if Warren Buffett’s take-home pay increases then some secret-super-duper law of economics dictates your paycheck must shrink.

That’s almost too dumb to put into words – certainly with a straight face.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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