Now here’s a puzzler.

Which is worse, the rich guy who always sticks you with the tab or the rich guy who got that way with your money? And if that isn’t a bad enough, the third rich guy may even be worse.

He’s the guy who paws at women and young girls.

For all the yammering about diversity and the "Me Too" shouting, the three leaders in the race for the Democratic nomination for President are lacking.

And sure, it’s possible that Joe Biden might make a good president. But given that the Democratic Party is all about empowering women – well, liberal women anyhow – the picture of him mauling other peoples’ wives wouldn’t seem to advance his candidacy.

Even worse are the pictures of him petting at young girls.

But forget all that. Joe will likely be the leading Democrat candidates when he gets in the race.

If rubbing on women isn’t enough to turn off Democrat primary voters, there is the risk that the smarmy stuff about the $1 billion private equity deal from China for his son might be.

That deal should not be confused with questions surrounding payments from Ukraine to a firm where that very same son was a board member.

It could be that there is nothing wrong with these deals in which foreign government paid millions and millions to the Vice President’s son. But we’ll probably never know because reporters just aren’t all that interested.

The son in question is Hunter Biden. Not Hunter Trump.

And yeah, that last bit is snarky. But snarky is the byproduct when really rich politicians preach to rest of us about “paying our fair share” when they do such a grand job of avoiding any share whatsoever.

And where’s the diversity?

The three leaders in the Democratic race are all white guys. Two of them – including Creepy Hands Biden – are old white guys. The young one, another white guy, is Beto O’Rourke.

Young Beto, once a media darling, released his tax returns last week. He should have pulled a Trump and claimed he was under audit and refused to show them.

That’s because what they reveal is, like so many liberals, he does not practice what he preaches. Despite all his preaching and pandering, Young Beto – who is very rich – gives very little to charity.

The hypocrisy is stunning.

Young Beto yelps and yammers about spending more of your money to make things better for other people. Which is fine. That’s what liberals do. But his largesse starts and ends with your pocketboot

Despite being extremely wealthy, Young Beto gives very little of his own money to charity. People here spend more money on raffle tickets than Rich Young Beto donates to anything.

But the guy has no shame.

When he was asked about being a really rich guy who is really stingy – Young Beto didn’t flinch.

He said that instead of giving money, he dedicated his life to “public service.”

Relax. Your urge to grab a vomit bag is the human body’s natural response to such tripe.

Young Beto, who seems more than a bit naïve, may actually believe that drivel.

Bernie Sanders knows better.

Bernie is the old, white Socialist who Democrats really love – perhaps because so many Democrats today are really Socialist.

A lot of people wonder, given the overwhelming evidence of total failure, murder and misery Socialism always produces, why Bernie spouts such nonsense.

It’s simple really.

Bernie thinks government control of your life will work - because government has done so much for his life.

Bernie, who has only ever really worked for the government, is a millionaire.

And don’t believe his baloney. Bernie was a millionaire long before he wrote a book.

What’s more, his “public service” entitles him to a retirement that will pay him more than the vast majority of voters ever earn when they are working full time.

It’s a long time before Democrats pick their candidate but for all their carping about diversity, women and equality – with three rich white guys leading the pack, they have some work to do.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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