It was one promise Barack Obama kept.

And to think some snarky-types ridiculed him when he said it.

But apparently 4,000 people from around the world who traveled to Salt Lake didn’t get the memo that global warming climate change has been fixed. It’s probably also true, of course, that most people – known as taxpayers – did not get the memo about the big climate confab in Salt Lake.

But it happened, last week. Some 4,000 people traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah to talk – and then talk some more – about global warming climate change.

Of course we all know that anytime you get that many bureaucrats and academics in one location, great things will happen.

But despite all that fine work by the climate alarmist industry – all those speeches, all those papers, all that chest beating, all that fervor – was any of it necessary?

Barack and Michelle Obama don’t seem to think so.

This may surprise some people since President Obama was once a full-fledged booster of all things global warming climate change. But last week he and his wife made a major purchase that says – unequivocally – they believe global warming climate change is fixed.

So last month the Obamas bought a house on Martha’s Vineyard. Well, not so much a house. It’s more of a mansion. The main house includes seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, two guest wings and covers some 7,000 sq. ft.

(Column break: We’re not here to nitpick but some people might remember it was President Obama who once questioned why people needed big homes. He said it in the context that rich people should downsize their housing so they could pay more taxes so really smart politicians like him could give those taxes to their pet projects.

But that was then. Things change. Apparently the Obamas agree a 7,000 sq. ft. home – by the way, this is their third home – is just the right size.)

But the point here isn’t the question the size of the Obamas' newest home. The news here is the home’s location. It’s on the beach.

Think that through.

Would a true global warming climate change disciple buy a home on the beach when he knows the oceans are rising?

Of course not – unless they know something you don’t. Like maybe global warming climate change is over and the oceans are not going to keep rising like so many ministers of climate doom preach.

And that’s gotta’ be it. So we have to give credit to President Obama for some very solid work while he was in the White House. Remember, it was President Obama himself who told us that his election was “the moment when the rise of oceans began to slow.”

Seriously. He said that.

It would have saved a lot of money if President Obama had let the United Nations in on his little secret. If they knew he had fixed global warming climate change and the oceans were gonna’ stay put – they could have cancelled the Salt Lake boondoggle.

Too late. They’ve come and gone. And this is just one of many such conferences the UN has to decry global warming climate change. They do massive confabs annually and smaller affairs routinely. It’s great fun. These bureaucrats – and anyone else who can tag along – love these things.

Who wouldn’t? Some poor sap – known as taxpayers – pays the bill and they travel all over the world.

But think that through.

People from all over the world fly to Salt Lake – to complain about burning fossil fuels. Huh?

The hypocrisy of the global warming climate change deceit cannot be exaggerated.

Whether it is the Obamas spending $15 million for a beachfront home after years of lectures about rising oceans, or climate warriors traveling the world to preach to the rest of us about riding bikes to save gas or celebrities flying in private jets to European resorts to wring hands over global warming climate change . . . it just doesn’t end.

And don’t forget. The private-jet people? They are the same crowd who say we only have 14 13 ½ years to save the planet.

Like a wise person once wrote, I’ll believe global warming climate change is a real threat when they start living like it is.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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