News, and then more news, about the Wuhan virus wears thin. But it is tough to ignore when every week there are more examples of hypocrisy by the ruling class.

Rep. Harley Rouda of California is the latest.

You will remember that Gov. Gavin Newson of California ordered all public beaches closed. This order came after the governor saw photos of people at the beach. It seems members of the proletariat were enjoying themselves too much so, like all great leaders, he acted.

A lot of people were not impressed with his decisiveness. Some of those people who were unhappy included mayors. They wondered – aloud – what gave the governor authority to issue such orders?

Reporters largely agreed that critics of the beach closures were cranks who only want to see old people die. If nothing else, you gotta’ appreciate their consistency.

The reporting through all this has been somewhat of a surprise, consistent, but still a surprise.

That is the media fashion themselves as protectors of liberty and freedom. There was a time when the abuse of power by an agency – let’s say the FBI – would have been met with a unanimous scorn and rejection by all reporters.

So much has changed that when the Justice Department admitted last week that the most powerful people at the FBI targeted Gen. Mike Flynn – committing at least four felonies in the process – the media (with few exceptions) gave it little attention.

Again, you gotta’ appreciate their consistency.

During all the Wuhan flu shutdowns the reporters have largely been sympathetic to the politicians and bureaucrats issuing the orders. That’s fine. That’s news and they report the news. But when protesters question how politicians in a free society gained such power, they are largely portrayed as toothless ignoramuses.

Who want to kill old people.

That is striking because the protesters typically cite the First Amendment. That’s the one with those minor items about assembly, speech and worship. Items they point to as the reasons for their protest.

This is, by the way, the very same amendment media-types so often tout – and rightly so. Without those rights, we are not this country.

When this started we didn’t know much about the Wuhan virus. It makes sense then, given what we didn’t know, that leaders reacted like they did. They took drastic steps in the name of public safety.

And, out of respect for our neighbors, we complied.

But now we have data that show early information could be wrong. Really, really wrong. Using the data, a solid argument can be made that destroying the economy and forcing 35 million Americans out of the workplace, was not necessary.

Except that is an argument rarely made. Instead anyone who suggests the data merits attention is written off as a Neanderthal.

A Neanderthal who wants to kill old people.

Consider the case of the two governors.

One has become a media darling. He clamped down on basic freedoms, he threatens arrest for those who disobey and he denigrates anyone who disagrees with his view – and reporters love this guy. The other governor did not take those drastic actions. His media coverage was much less reverent.

Yet things in New York under Gov. Andrew Cuomo have turned out far, far worse than in Florida under Gov. Ron DeSantis. Maybe reporters don’t get the numbers?

Math is so hard.

Finally we come to Rep. Rouda who praised the government edict to close all beaches. He said he respected leaders, like his fellow Democrat Gov. Newson, who make the tough calls to protect public health.

The timing was just so bad.

Rep. Rouda said all those things just days before he went to a private beach with his family.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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