Measles and Socialism are spreading.

It may not be a coincidence.

In the olden days, before the internet, some parents paid attention to an actress with a big chest for their medical information. Well, that is an exaggeration.

More accurately, a lot of parents saw a lot of the actress talking a lot about the dangers of vaccinating children. You couldn’t help seeing her because reporters loved to interview her.

She got even more publicity when she started hanging with a famous actor who once did a funny movie. Once. The mystery is why he continues to get movie roles since he hasn’t been funny since.

The point is this lady was catnip to reporters: pretty, blonde, big chest, famous boyfriend – she was in demand.

(Column intermission: We’re not here to disparage reporters. Sometimes we try to be one. But Ben Rhodes said it best when he explained that young reporters are so naïve, so ill-informed, so ignorant, you can tell them anything and they believe it.

Ben Rhodes? You may have forgotten. He is the guy with a college degree in creative writing. That qualified him to be a key foreign policy advisor in the previous administration. While he wasn’t very good at foreign policy, he certainly understood reporters).

The actress, who seems to be a nice lady, was convinced her son’s autism was caused by a vaccination. Given her celebrity, she convinced a lot of parents of the dangers of vaccines. She never did, however, convince scientists.

But that’s yesterday’s news. Today parents can access the internet. News flash to parents - some of the information on the internet is not true (E.g.: Covington, Jussie, stolen hajibs, cheap oil leases, super sex pills).

All this is timely because of the news out of Pinterest last week. The social media company said it will no longer return searches for information related to vaccinations.

It seems the company realized there was so much bad information – dangerously bad information – they took action, in essence to protect children’s health.

It’s too early to know if any of this will help – or if other internet companies will implement similar policies. But there are other diseases about which misinformation continues to spread.

Some are much more deadly than measles.

Like Socialism.

Two years ago Bernie Sanders – who is not even a Democrat – attracted lots of attention in his race against Hillary Clinton. Some believe that if Democrats had not rigged the system for Hillary, he would have won the nomination.

That’s a big problem for this country.

And not just because Bernie does not check any of the boxes worshipped by Democrats today. Bernie is an old, straight, white guy. Yet things look worse for the next election – or, if you share his juvenile views on politics – better.

Last week Bernie announced he would once again seek the Democratic nomination. In the following day he raised some $6 million for his campaign – most of it came in small amounts. That means there’s a whole bunch of Democrats who think Socialism is just dandy.

Good grief.

This is far worse than people who think risking polio is better than getting inoculated.

Socialism has killed more people than any 10 diseases combined. And the fact that dozens of millions of people have died at the hands of Socialists is no secret.

Yet along comes an old Socialist, who after a lifetime in government “service” managed to become a multi-millionaire, and Democrats can’t send him money fast enough.

But it’s not just Bernie.

Every major Democratic running for president likes Socialism. They don’t say it that way – their passion is couched in words like free medicine, free basic income, free college and free green stuff.

When the people at Pinterest took action, they said they had to do it to prevent their site being used to disseminate bad information. Alright. But it’s one thing for young parents, barraged by celebrities, to be misled – but how do you explain virtually every leading Democrat falling for a scam?

A scam with a long, murderous, well-documented history.

So what we’re left with – and this is directed at the Left – is a question.

Which disease will spread faster in this country, measles or Socialism?

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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Let me ask you a question. When you pay money out of your pocket, do you expect something for that money? That's the very nature of a transactional, capitalist society, right? Money exchanges hands, services and/or goods are delivered. The buyer and the seller are happy with their fair exchange of money for goods. This is precisely what Bernie Sander's message is: We taxpayers pay money. Matter of fact, we pay A LOT of money. Is it unreasonable for us to receive services for the money we spend? In our highly capitalized society, we pay federal income taxes, state income taxes (for those states that charge them). We pay property taxes, gasoline taxes, hotel taxes, sales tax. We simply can't turn a corner anywhere without paying taxes.... What do we get for the money we spend? Potholes in our roads, leaky roofs on our schools, underpaid firefighters and teachers, a threadbare safety net that's been eroding for decades under corporate lobbying. We're expected to pay all these taxes, but when we say, "Hey..? America? Do you think WE could join the rest of the civilized world and advanced nations on this planet in receiving guaranteed healthcare without going bankrupt?". We either hear crickets chirpping or the good old Cold War labelled gets slapped on us: Socialists. No. We're not. We're taxpaying citizens wondering when the upward flow of our tax dollars in the forms of subsidies, grants, easements, tax exemptions, bailout dollars, and tax havens is going to be reversed and start to flow back downward to the citizens paying the bulk of these costs.

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