There was been a blackout for news not related to the blackface scandals. There was, however, one tidbit that surfaced last week that should not be whitewashed.

We get it why there was bedlam over blackface.

When the top three elected leaders in the same state are mired in scandal, it makes sense that it would attract national attention. What makes this especially delicious is the Morally Superior Crowd was unanimous in its condemnation of the first blackface – only to beat a hasty retreat when the second blackface surfaced.

But you really can’t blame the Democrat elites for suddenly going mum. That’s because when the third scandal surfaced – the sex assault accusations – it seemed possible that if the top three elected Democrats in Virginia were forced to resign, a Republican would jump to the top spot.

The message is clear.

Democrats really, really hate racists – but they like power more.

For what it’s worth, we’re thinking the blackface governor should stay in office. Yes, he did something stupid – who hasn’t? If the rule-of-thumb is that anyone who was once young and dumb cannot serve in public office then we will be hard-pressed to find a dogcatcher, much less a governor.

But the other blackface Democrat – the attorney general – that guy has to go.

Stick with us here. This is not a double-standard.

When the attorney general confessed to once being a blackface his explanation was that he was dressing up as his “favorite” rap artist.

Favorite rap artist?

That infers he has other rap artists he also likes. The Founding Fathers missed this but it must be corrected. Anyone who likes rap enough to actually have a “favorite” rap artist should not be anywhere near a position of power.

But what to do about the accused rapist?

It seems unlikely that there is any way this progresses beyond a he-said-she-said (and now a second she-said) phase. We’ll see.

But what is most bizarre is how quickly the Democrats changed. The Democrat-elites transformed from a snarling, teeth-gnashing, torch-wielding mob chanting “believe all women” to going mute on this issue.

Another clear message: the Democrat elites like power more-than they dislike sexual assault.

It isn’t clear yet what exactly is the attraction for Virginia Democrats and blackface. Ask yourself – how many times have you creamed shoe polish on your face? Yeah. Us too. So what are the odds that two of the three leading elected Democrats doing that very same thing?

It must be a rite of passage with those people – but one that ended last week.

And speaking of passage, the big news item last week was the Green New Deal drafted by the Young Congresswoman from New York. Although she named it the “Green New Deal” as a cute way to tie to the environmental movement – as well as to the real new deal – the name is prophetic.

If the “Green New Deal” remains in the consciousness of voters when the next election rolls around, it will prove to be Kryptonite to any Democrat who comes near it.

For the less sophisticated, Kryptonite is the one substance that is poison to Superman. If he gets anywhere near it, it kills him.

With calls to eliminate ALL fossil fuels, rebuild EVERY building, ground ALL jetliners and execute any cow that farts – the Green New Deal will do the same to Democrats.

Blackface pales in comparison.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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