You probably haven’t heard of this lady, but at one time she was a pretty big deal.

So big, in fact, that she was the odds-on-favorite to be working in the Oval Office. But that didn’t happen. Voters elected Donald Trump instead. Today this lady has a different job.

It’s a good gig. Just not as good as being the chief of staff for the President of the United States.

Neera Tanden is the president of the Center for American Progress. This outfit is described as a liberal think tank, although some people question the quality of thinking there. Ms. Tanden, the leader of the outfit, certainly expressed some odd thoughts last week.

In a written statement following comments by the country’s foreign minister, she praised Red China for its moral compass.

There are two words that never belong in the same sentence. They are China and morality. This is the country that has murdered dozens of millions of innocents, imprisoned many times that many and still today operates concentration camps.

Yet one of the leading liberals in the United States thinks Red China is just dandy.

Just as these words never belong in the same sentence, there are two words that simply drive liberals nuts. Those words? Donald Trump.

And that’s who triggered the Leading Liberal at the Center for American Progress last week.

As you know, there’s been plenty of chatter about impeachment of late. President Trump, never bashful, has been quick to fire back at his critics. Late last week he called on both Ukraine and China to launch investigations into Hunter Biden and his lucrative business dealings in those countries.

To save time, let’s not kid ourselves.

The only reason Hunter Biden got rich from companies in Ukraine and China is because his dad was vice president. The people who paid young Hunter didn't spend the money because they think he is a business maven. They paid the younger Biden because they wanted to get something in return from the older Biden.

The real tragedy is this payoff scheme was nothing new. The only difference is the Bidens are amateurs.

Bill and Hillary Clinton collected hundreds and hundreds of millions through their “charity” the Clinton Foundation.

Countries and businesses who “donated” to the Clintons also expected something in return. The payback came either through Hillary and the State Department or – even more lucrative – would come through the White House after Hillary was elected.

And make no mistake, these “donations” poured into the Clinton Foundation. Millions of dollars was “donated” with more arriving practically every week.

Right up until she lost the election.

Then, suddenly, the “donations” to the Clinton Foundation disappeared. Again, let’s save time and not pretend.

There is only one word for this. Corruption.

It’s anybody’s guess why President Obama allowed all this. None of this was a secret, he knew it was happening. We also don’t know exactly what the people who paid the Clintons and the Bidens got for their money.

But it would sure be nice to know.

And that’s what Trump vented about last week when he said those countries should investigate. Perhaps he was sincere, but our guess is it was his way to taunt the Impeachment Crowd.

And troll the media.

Hey, the very reason they claim he should be impeached is because he asked the president of Ukraine for help investigating the Russian collusion myth.

If Good Liberals gnashed teeth and spit bullets over that, he knew they would go apoplectic if he added China to the mix.

And a chorus of them did, including the Leading Liberal at the Center for American Progress.

After President Trump called on China to investigate the payoffs to young Biden, the country’s foreign minister issued a statement saying that China would not cooperate.

And that is why Ms. Tanden at the Center for American Progress was so effusive in her praise the Communist dictatorship. She praised China’s leaders for their “moral compunction.”

Good grief.

For three years, almost as soon as the polls closed, there has been squealing about impeachment. Nobody knows when or how this latest round of lunacy – which by the way only started last week – will end.

But with a leading liberal already singing the praises of the murderous thugs in Red China, it’s bound to get worse before it does.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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