It turns out that “Me Too” really means “Just Not Us.”

So we all remember how the “Me Too” movement spread across the country after we learned that a chubby, rich, liberal Hollywood guy abused women.

While the rest of us only learned the story last year, many of our Hollywood Betters always knew that Harvey Weinstein raped and abused women. It turns out they were too busy lecturing the rest of us about our deficiencies to do anything about the rich, chubby deviant.

And just you never mind that a lot of the really rich and really famous Hollywood starlets fawned and pandered to Harvey Weinstein – despite the fact that everyone knew he was a gross pervert.

In their defense, this was not their easiest role.

That is, the Hollywood starlets had to climb over many a liberal politician who regularly groveled for Harvey in search of campaign cash.

The good news is they were all winners in the end.

The Hollywood starlets landed big roles and became rich and famous while the liberal politicians secured bags of Hollywood cash.

Even better, all that money and celebrity afforded both the starlets and the politicians a platform from which to lecture the rest of us about our shortcomings – with a special emphasis on women’s rights.

Then it turned out that Harvey was just one of many liberal lechers.

Once the “Me Too” movement got rolling we learned of dozens of men who used their power and influence to abuse women. Not all, but the large majority, were liberals in good standing – which means they are liberals who stand about lecturing the rest of us about the very things for which they are guilty.

It’s gotten so bad men can’t even shave without a lecture.

The message from a recent commercial seems to be that because some rich, liberal perverts abuse women - you need to be ashamed. But you can redeem yourself by buying our ridiculously-overpriced razor blades.

(Any man who still buys Gillette products deserves to be kicked really hard in the place from whence all that toxic masculinity emanates.)

Yes, we’re late on this. This was news months ago. So you might ask if there point – or were you just cheated out of the money you spent on this newspaper? Again.

It turns out all this is timely because Howard Schultz might run for president.

Mr. Schultz is the guy who made coffee a fashion statement. In the process of building Starbucks into the behemoth it is today, he made himself a billionaire. No question that he is the epitome of the American success story.

But his plan to run for President has his fellow liberals fussed. They think he will drain votes from a different liberal they like better.

But that’s not what caught our attention.

During his maybe-I’ll-run-and-oh-look-I-wrote-a-book tour last week, Mr. Schultz took the opportunity to lecture about global warming. While not as smarmy as the “Me-Too” pontificators, it oozes the same hypocrisy.

Mr. Schultz told us that “the world is on a collision course” with global warming. What’s more, it is your “personal responsibility” to fix global warming. Presumably, that can happen if you and I are forced to pay more to heat our homes – especially if that extra money lands in government coffers.

The hypocrisy?

You may have already guessed but - when he is not lecturing about global warming – Howard Schultz travels in his private jet.

This is just like the “Me Too” bunch. When Mr. Schultz says “personal responsibility” about “fixing” global warming, he doesn’t mean it personally. He means it for the other rubes in the room.

And that’s us.

Makes a guy want slash his wrists – with a generic razor blade.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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