“About a month-and-a-half ago I was back here talking to one of the little girls, you know, and, and I told the Congressional delegation this, the same thing, right? We were gonna’ send her to the hospital and as I got close to her I noticed that she couldn’t speak and I asked the medical staff what happened. And she, the reason she was going to the hospital because she had gotten gang raped. And the reason that she couldn’t speak was because she had lost her voice in the process while she was getting raped. Those things hit hard.”

Oscar Escamilla, U.S. Border Patrol

So we’ve all seen the pictures of the mess at the border. But as bad as the pictures may be, the people in those photos saw much worse in their quest to get to the United States.

The comments above were taken from an interview a Border Patrol officer did with Reuters. In other reports, the Wall Street Journal is following the journey of two teenagers, brother and sister, making the trip to our border from Central America. The chances of the girl making it here unharmed (Read: Not being repeatedly raped.) – or her brother not getting killed trying to protect her – are slim.

In additional coverage, the same newspaper reported that some 65 adults and 152 children were dumped in the Rio Grande. The people that paid to get them to the United States did that to distract Border Patrol agents so they could escape.

Before the human traffickers overturned the rafts carrying the people, they tossed a 6-month old baby into the river. A great way, they figured, to distract the agents.

It worked.

Agents with the Border Patrol did not apprehend a single smuggler. The good news is they were able to save the baby and nobody died.

The misery, the horror and the abuse the youngsters in the photos we’ve all seen have suffered more than most people could ever envision.

But none of it is by accident.

Joe Biden made it clear the border would be open if he were elected. Other Democrats doubled down, with promises of lucrative benefits to any and all able to enter the country.

Check the tape. Members of the Democrat political class not only made the promises, they repeated them many times. They were very clear about it.

Suddenly, some months later, President Biden is less clear.

And this is not a snark about his frequent problems forming coherent sentences. Some critics take joy in citing the president’s mental decline. For most of us though – it is simply sad.

Although possibly dangerous.

It’s anybody’s guess how our enemies perceive this President. But it does seem likely they will take advantage wherever and whenever they are able – if they decide he’s not up to the job.

But cognitive issues or not, you have to give him his due.

President Biden simply ignores the hell and havoc he has wrought on the border. A compliant media – that once shrieked incessantly about ‘kids in cages’ – is cooperative as always.

Just last week – about the same time photos taken at a border facility were released – President Biden tackled the real problem facing the United States.

Baseball fans.

It seems the Texas Rangers announced they would not limit attendance at baseball games. It’s almost as if they think this is a free country.

This upset President Biden. He charged that the Texas baseball team was reckless and risking lives – COVID you know.

He said all this at the same time those cages were overflowing with immigrant children – many infected with COVID. Reporters, dutifully taking notes, ignored the hypocrisy.

But even the most obedient media in the world can’t change the atrocities thousands endure travelling to here illegally. All because Democrats think someday they will become loyal voters.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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Your comments regarding Democrats is so silly and totally beneath a true journalist. You should be ashamed as I. Sure your parents would be.


The reason why I find it so irritating to debate whether we should say there's a crisis on the border or not (as well as baseball) is because saying that takes our focus off the broader picture. If we don't address the root causes now, and if we don't change the system now, we will continue having this conversation every single year. And nothing will change. And things will get worse. Securing our borders does not require us to ignore the humanity of those who seek to cross them. Once we think of the humans at the border as humans ... we will have policies that are just, humane, and give them dignity.

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