For many months now the nation has been mired in a vicious debate. A battle in which the two sides are so disparate in their views, so entrenched in their beliefs, there seems to be no possible resolution.

One side touts their candidate – only to be shouted down by detractors from the other side.

Sure, we thought we had it resolved. A winner was announced. But it took no time to realize he was a terrible choice. Not only was he not up to the job – but he cheated to get the position.

Fortunately, this is not politics and he was booted immediately.

But, proving once again your subscription money here is well-spent, we have the answer to end the debate. You will not find this information anywhere else.

Kelli Stavast should be the next permanent host of Jeopardy!.

Who? Huh?

Miss Kelli may someday be the answer to a trivia question, but over the last two weeks she has been known as the person who interviewed Brandon Brown after he won his first NASCAR race. It was during that interview that Miss Kelli demonstrated keen intelligence, a fine wit and an exceedingly sharp brain.

In other words, she has everything a person needs to host Jeopardy!.

As you know Alex Trebek, the longtime host of the popular TV show, died. With the exception of a brief time when a guy nobody liked was chosen, there has been a search for his permanent replacement.

But this ain’t easy. Everyone liked Alex Trebek. He was witty, popular and good.

But we think Miss Kelli’s performance during the interview with the NASCAR driver proves she would be the perfect choice. Anybody who can think that fast, in the midst of bedlam that only a sporting event brings, is the perfect fit for the cerebral crowd that loves Jeopardy!.

As you probably know, Miss Kelli was in the middle of her interview with Brandon Brown when the crowd took up the cheer that has become so popular of late.

People are singing this cheer, complete with rhythmic clapping, at sporting events everywhere. It has become especially popular at college football games.

Even though it’s a very short cheer – only three words – we’re not going to write it here. Suffice it to say, the cheer is critical of our president.

(If you attended Boise State and are still puzzled about the exact cheer, two of the words are “Joe Biden.” The other word, the very first word in the cheer, rhymes with duck.)

So here’s the scene: The crowd is giving this cheer full throat during the interview, which is being broadcast live over national television. And the crowd is getting louder. And louder. And louder. So loud, that it cannot be ignored.

So Miss Kelli, our next host of Jeopardy!, changes the subject.

What’s more, she does it in the most clever way imaginable. She says to the NASCAR driver: “Oh listen to the crowd. They’re cheering for you. They’re cheering ‘Let’s Go Brandon’.”

Of course Miss Kelli knew what the crowd was saying. But since the crowd was only increasing the volume, she had to do something to salvage her interview.

Her brilliant maneuver sorta’ did that. Sort of. That is, producers were not forced to break for commercial and the interview continued. But what Miss Kelli did without doubt – if unintentionally – was spawn an entirely new movement.

And improve political discourse in this country.

While we get the original cheer: It is direct and to the point. Given the condition of the country – inflation, Afghanistan, the border, the pandemic, the Biden family corruption and now the FBI targeting parents at school board meetings – we get why it is so popular.

But profanity never improves a legitimate message.

The “F” word fits well at protests where people burn buildings, loot stores and attack cops. It’s better left to those people and their ilk.

Thanks to Miss Kelli – and our inept president – the rest of us can look forward to plenty of “Let’s Go Brandon” cheers in the future.

It’s easier on the ears and says so much more.

DAN HAMMES, who attended the University of Idaho, is the former publisher of the Gazette Record.

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