There are so many crazy things happening now there is little chance for the reasonable voter to keep track. What’s more, the crazy things are happening so much faster, that even when a person is tracking – it’s already changed.

And we’re not talking the obvious craziness here, like what’s happening at the border. Although that madness raises an obvious question:

Why do Democrats want this?

Yeah, yeah – we get it. It’s Joe Biden in the White House, but it is not Joe Biden’s presidency.

We’ve all seen the video, President Biden is not well. Sure, he has flashes of where he shows some semblance of capacity. But those brief moments are surrounded by times when he struggles mightily.

And we see those moments despite his dedicated staff working hard to ‘manage’ his time. Everyone knows Joe Biden is not well. Certainly not well enough to be running his administration.

So why did the Democrats who are running things erase our southern border?

Yeah, yeah – we get it. They calculate that all those illegal immigrants will eventually become Democrat voters. But letting thousands of illegals into the country – in the middle of a pandemic – really?

And they’re doing this at the same time they demand your child wear a mask – for fear of the pandemic?

Sure, that’s crazy, but not the caliber of crazy we’re talking this week.

For example, did you read about the pregnancies at the women’s prison? Our bet is that wasn’t covered on your nightly news.

So we know what you’re thinking: How does a woman get pregnant in prison? Despite what liberals claim today, biology has not changed. She gets pregnant the same way she does outside of prison.

And that’s what happens when you put men in a women’s prison.

Leave it to California, owned and operated by Democrats for many decades now, to do just that. Democrats passed a law that said any man who identifies as a woman must be put in a women’s prison – even men who committed sex crimes.

Crazy doesn’t begin to describe this insanity.

It comes as no surprise that some 261 men volunteered to be women so they could get into a women’s prison – and now at least one inmate is pregnant.

(For liberals still confused by biology, the pregnant inmate is NOT one of the men who transferred to be with the girls.)

This bit of news was provided in a report by the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF). Unlike Democrats in California, the group wants to protect women. They fought the legislation and warned that women would be in danger if they were forced to share cells with men.

And remember, the guys in prison aren’t as nice as oh – I don’t know – your average governor from New York. But Democrats, who often claim to respect women, ignored all that.

The people at WoLF predicted it would be a disaster, and it is. They reported that “Conditions are described as ‘a nightmare’s worse nightmare’ by women incarcerated in California.”

No word whether California Democrats will believe these women.

Last tidbit on this topic before we move on: It seems that a lot of the men who transferred to the women’s prison because they ‘identify as women’ still use condoms.

Not a joke. WoLF reports that guards are issuing condoms to these women, courtesy of the California taxpayers. Not only did Democrats vote for this, the Democrat governor gleefully signed this insanity.

Another tidbit of absurdity came from something called the “Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine.”

So as the name implies, these people have something to do with breastfeeding. And we all know, breastfeeding is important for mothers and babies.

Well, babies maybe.

As it turns out, the people doing the breastfeeding should never be called mothers. If you call them mothers, there’s a chance someone who had a baby and is breastfeeding but does not identify as a woman – will be offended.

Therefore and henceforth – the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine proclaims people who breastfeed are to be known as “Human milk-feeding individuals.”

Got that? And remember, this comes on the heels of the American Medical Association calling for the removal of sex identification on birth certificates.

To you and me, this stuff is beyond crazy.

But to a lot of liberals, this makes perfect sense. And where Democrats run things, those liberals seem to be making the rules.

DAN HAMMES is the former publisher of the Gazette Record.

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Don’t even try to out stupid Trump. Your stable genius Trump stated, "And then I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning?” These statements along with his many others, makes him the dumbest President ever in history. Calling himself a genius only proves he is a narcissist. Not only did Republicans vote for this “genius”, they gleefully continue to believe his insane lies. To many of us, your editorials are beyond crazy – so get your facts straight and base them on real science.

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