While no data yet exist there will undoubtedly be thousands of newlywed couples absolutely crushed since they were unable to enjoy their honeymoon in Eswatini.

Of course this is no laughing matter because – per the usual – racism.

So the news late last week was that President Biden cancelled travel from seven countries because of yet-another coronavirus variant. One of those countries was Eswatini.

And yes – like most people – we were not aware there was a place called Eswatini.

(For the immensely curious the other six countries impacted by the travel ban are South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Nambia, Lesotho, Mozambique and Malawi.)

Joe Biden hopes that by cancelling travel from those countries this latest version of the virus can be contained.

But the hypocrisy cannot go unnoticed.

Perhaps you have forgotten, but Joe Biden once called Donald Trump a racist. He did it right after then-President Trump cancelled travel.

From Africa.

Because of the virus.

Nobody can accuse Joe Biden of original thinking. The “you’re a racist!” is standard-operating-procedure for anything liberals don’t like.

But Good Liberals have short memories.

When Joe Biden inflicts a travel ban on Africa few notice. And certainly nobody called him a racist.

Admittedly the Africa travel ban is just a blip on what appears to be a never-ending battle against the coronavirus. But the disparate treatment of the Biden Travel Ban compared to the Trump Travel Ban says a lot.

And it says this is a lot about politics.

Speaking of politics and the coronavirus, if you’re not up on your Greek alphabet, you may have missed this next item.

So, as explained above, our new non-racist Africa Travel Ban happened because of the latest variant of the coronavirus. Everyone agrees we can’t simply refer to the latest variant of the coronavirus as the latest variant of the coronavirus.

It has to have a name.

As it turns out it is the people at the World Health Organization who name such things. WHO is the same outfit so enamored with China.

You will remember that when this all started WHO, instead of warning the world that the virus spread through human-to-human contact, said the opposite – assuring the world that there was no great danger.

The delay gave the Chinese government time to destroy virus samples and help troublesome doctors and scientists, who worked at a particular lab in China, to disappear. Forever.

But back on track: So we have a new variant of the virus that needs a name. As it turns out, the people at WHO (aka: We follow the science. Or dictators. Whoever pays more.) use the Greek alphabet to name such things.

It’s the “next man up” philosophy of naming really bad things. To translate to English, if the first virus was called “A” then the second virus would be called “B,” and the next “C” etc. etc. etc.

Except etc. etc. etc. does not translate at the WHO. (aka: You can always trust us sometimes.)

The next letter up for use was Nu. The people at the WHO (aka: Yes, we are for sale.) agreed that they couldn’t call this version of the virus the “new” virus because hells bells, there could be many more coming.

As we are learning, those lab workers in Wuhan know how to make a nasty virus.

But the next letter in the Greek alphabet after NU is even worse. It is Xi - as in the name of the current dictator of China.

Yes, the very same China where that lab made this virus – the virus we cannot call the China Virus because – you guessed it: that’s racist.

Never mind that calling the Spanish Flu the Spanish Flu is not racist. As we are all learning, rules about racism are tricky.

For example: When a white guy shoots other white guys in self-defense: That’s racism.

But if a black guy murders a bunch of white people at a parade AFTER calling for violence against whites AND proclaiming his support for the Marxists at Black Lives Matter: That’s an SUV run amok.

Worse, it is hardly even news after two days.

What does continue to be news, however, is the new variant of the virus.

It comes as no surprise the people at WHO agreed they could not name it the Xi variant – no matter how well the name fit. So they named it Omicron, the next to the next letter in the Greek alphabet.

Since its discovery not only did Joe Biden issue his travel ban but Dr. Fauci hinted more lockdowns are possible.

All this despite the fact the lady who discovered the Omicron variant said it does not make people very sick.

But that information – like details about the mystery SUV driver – did not get much attention in the media.

DAN HAMMES is the former publisher of the Gazette Record.

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