It ain’t easy being Jane Fonda.

And how come that lady is even a thing today? Given her history, one would think she would be so ashamed she would just go someplace quiet and dark where nobody would see her.

Like under a rock.

But history be damned, she is the latest shrieking celebrity for whom the media fawn. And the fawning is quite remarkable. While much of the country views Ms. Jane with disdain, reporters sparkle whenever she is near.

Can you say disconnect?

For the last few weeks Ms. Jane has travelled to Washington, D.C. to lend her voice to the climate apocalypse crowd. It goes without saying – even though we will – reporters greet every Climate Justice Warrior with hosannas and Ms. Jane was no exception.

Give an old actress credit, Ms. Jane had no problem bridging the generation gap. Just days after the preachy teen from Sweden exited the scene the 81-year-old arrived to entertain reporters with her version of the typical climate harangue.

Some say Ms. Jane actually improved the screed.

We all remember Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, the Socialist climate expert from New York. She told us we only have 12 years to save the planet.

Well, you have to give a nod to Rep. Ocasio-Cortez for effort. But things are even worse than that. Ms. Jane told us last week that we only have 11 years to save ourselves.

Let that sink in. This is dire stuff.

If you’re the parent of a first-grader who does not want to get out of bed for school – relax. It doesn’t matter. The earth will end before he or she graduates high school.

So, given the catastrophe we face, it’s no wonder Ms. Jane dedicated herself to protesting for change.

And everything was going so well, right up until things crashed.

Ms. Jane would arrive in D.C. every week, protest, get arrested, get out of jail, then come back the following week to do it all over again. So dedicated was Ms. Jane to the cause that she was arrested four consecutive weeks.

Her devotion was exceeded only by the fervor of reporters documenting her crusade. But, all good things must end.

There will not be a fifth arrest.

As it turns out, Ms. Jane has to be in California to film something called “Grace & Frankie.” Given the importance of “Gracie & Frankie” she could not risk a fifth arrest. As Ms. Jane explained, if she were arrested a fifth time the judge might give her a 90-day sentence, which would mean she could not be on set for “Grace & Frankie.”

It’s difficult to describe the anguish and total despair of the throngs who would miss “Grace & Frankie” if Ms. Jane were in jail instead of on the set. But at least two things occur:

If the planet is doomed unless we do “something” as Ms. Jane preached, isn’t it more important that she do something other than film “Grace & Frankie?”

Perhaps this is rash, but if we have to choose between the planet and a show few people have heard about, most of us would choose the planet

It’s almost as if Ms. Jane doesn’t believe her own gospel.

So Ms. Jane jetted off to California to further the arts. And that is the second point. If she really, really believed herself, why is she flying around the country? This is, after all, the lady who pledged as part of her effort to save the planet never, ever to buy new clothes.

Seriously. She did that.

Ms. Jane is only the latest in an entire syndicate of celebrity hypocrites to preach to us about global-climate-warming-change. As the saying goes, we’ll believe it’s a crisis as soon as they starting living like it is.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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