The good news is they stopped yammering about abolishing ICE.

It may be a reach to blather on about illegal immigration on the pages of a newspaper that is some 1,250 miles from the southern border. But being boring never stopped us before.

Ever since Trump arrived on the political scene Democrats have gone gonzo over illegal immigration. Anyone who suggests the flood of illegal immigrants crashing the border really is a problem is said to be a really rotten racist.

Of course, Leftists today always say that anyone who disagrees with them is a racist, or a sexist, or a homophobe, or a misogynist, or a transphobic or a (you fill in the blank).

And it is true that the verdict is still out whether leaders of the Democratic Party have changed their minds about abolishing ICE. It could be they have just moved on to bigger and better things on the illegal immigration front.

Like giving Islamic terrorists the right to vote.

Bernie Sanders thought that would be a good thing.

Well, actually what he said was that felons should be able to vote. It was other people who pointed out that Bernie’s latest scheme would include the Boston Bomber.

You will remember he was the guy who, after immigrating to the United States and enjoying the benefits of various welfare programs, decided to kill Americans because we are evil, bad or whatever the faddish terrorist mantra was at the time.

As soon as Bernie suggested the country would be a better place if felons could vote, Kamala Harris climbed on board. She agreed it was a worth more discussion.

Thanks largely to a sympathetic media, Democrats have not been asked to expound the concept of taking political campaign to prisons. But the fact they even broached the subject – how many people do you know who think this a pressing political issue? – shows they are just off track.

And as it turns out, the Boston Bomber is not the only immigrant to take advantage of welfare programs.

Yeah, we know. This sort of talk borders on blasphemy. To even suggest that immigration is anything less than super-duper is dangerous business.

The sad fact is immigration should be a massive benefit for the country - and it wouldn’t take much to make it that way.

Almost everyone in the world who wants to leave where they are - wants to come here. That includes engineers, software developers, doctors, skilled tradesmen, truck drivers, construction workers - the very people our country with its aging population desperately needs.

But instead of picking and choosing who comes here, we have a mish-mosh of a system that shuns the educated and the skilled.

Even Canada – Canada! – decides who it will allow entry into its country based on what that person offers the nation – not the other way around.

Last week the Trump Administration announced a plan to use a merit-based system for immigration. Pundits said it had little chance to pass.

In the meantime, two recent studies, which – surprise, surprise – received very little coverage – were released.

The first found that Census figures show that some 63% of “non-citizens” households used at least one welfare program. For those counting at home, that means there are 4,684,784 “non-citizen” households receiving welfare.

Sure, those figures include both federal and state welfare programs. And yes, the most recent data is five years old (2014) but nobody agrees that makes sense – do they?

Finally, another report that did not make the news – another surprise – is that some 20% of federal inmates are aliens. That figures to be about 34,776 inmates in federal prisons are not citizens.

Some – about 11,000 – are there for immigration violations. But most are there for drug charges, sex crimes, gun crimes, fraud . . . it’s a long list of crimes. Of course, not one you often see published.

There is good news.

Having all those felons in one place makes it easy for Bernie Sanders to know where to campaign.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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