So, call us slow – but we’re starting to see a trend here.

– Person with job tells people who also have jobs that they no longer have a job.

– Same person, the one who still has a job, explains how taking jobs from other people will make our planet so, so, so much better. And safer.

– Panting reporters, who all still have jobs despite doing them so poorly, dumbly nod their heads.

– Repeat.

You may have missed this last week, but we learned that Joe Biden is not done canceling pipelines in this country. You will remember that on his first day at work our new president killed the Keystone Pipeline, destroying 11,000 high-paying construction jobs.

Of course, actual results may vary: That is, the total number of jobs crushed by Joe Biden will be much greater because of all the people who support the Keystone project will also lose their jobs.

But outside of cursory reporting – all with the obligatory messages about the theory on the cause of climate change – there was scant attention by national media to the devastation wrought by our new president.

Can you imagine the caterwauling if 11,000 government workers were fired? You would know more about them and their families – their car payments, unpaid medical bills, lost college plans, cancelled dance classes - than you do your own cousin.

We’re not saying there is a double-standard with industry layoffs compared to government cutbacks (is ever there was such a thing?) – but there is a double-standard.

And just never mind that our new president crushed the pipeline after billions had already been spent to build it. Oh yes, and the people who invested all those billions? They only did that only after the government gave permission to build the pipeline.

Energy companies are learning what Indian tribes already know: You can’t trust the federal government.

But last week we learned that President Biden is not done. He plans to eliminate even more good-paying jobs.

Jen Psaki, the press secretary, announced there are more pipelines to annihilate. She told the room of nodding reporters that “all of these pipelines are something that is under review by our climate team.”

Translation to English: President Biden plans to kill more pipelines to appeal to the crazy, even-further-left-wing, enviro-faction of the Democrat Party.

Harsh, but true.

Stopping the Keystone Pipeline will not diminish emissions – the very altar at which this cult worships. In fact, emissions will increase dramatically because the oil will now be moved by rail.

Some cynics claim it is not coincidence that Warren Buffet’s railroad will benefit by the loss of the pipeline. They say the fact Mr. Buffet is a big donor to the Democrat Party influenced the decision to shut down the pipeline.

Maybe. Maybe not.

So why do the climate religion faithful praise something that means more energy consumption? No good reason. Simply add it to the list of things climate warriors cannot explain.

Wiping out pipeline jobs comes on the heels of the hardy effort by governors and mayors in Democrat areas to destroy other jobs – in the name of ‘public safety’ – for no discernable benefit.

(And why is it ‘racist’ to call it the China virus, but it is not racist to name variants of it after other countries such as South Africa or Britain? Yeah, jot that one down as another thing liberals can’t explain.)

The strictest states for shutdowns – New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island – are tops in the nation in number of COVID deaths per 100,000 residents. So the Democrat governors of those states destroyed thousands of businesses and thousands of jobs, and thousands of lives – for what again?

Michigan not only shut down and crushed businesses, but the Democrat governor there unleashed bureaucrats and cops on anyone who defied her orders.

South Dakota, with a Republican governor, remained open. The state economy thrived and nobody was fined or jailed for disobeying orders.

The two states have identical COVID death rates.

Yet even today, a year after all this started, some people in authority refuse to relinquish any of their newfound power.

Ms. Psaki, speaking again last week for President Biden, said that even with the vaccine, we will all need to wear masks and practice social distancing.

These people just won’t quit.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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Until we hear confessions and corrections from right-wing leaders and conservative media, we will continue to inhabit a dark cave as a country. Is there no point at which they question their complicity? Is there no point at which they say to themselves, “For the good of the country, I need to correct this”?

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