He wore a mask for each COVID shot. Both at the same time. Not the shots. They happened days apart. The masks. It’s the masks he wears at the same time.

But there wasn’t a single question. Not at any time.

Given the fawning culture of the White House press corps since the election, the lack of questions makes some sense. But if they’re not gonna’ ask, we’d like to pose the question.

If the COVID vaccinations work, how come Joe Biden is still wearing a mask?

And, as long as we’re asking, what’s the deal with the mask-over-the-mask? Again, if the vaccine works, not only how come the mask – but how come TWO masks?

Check the photos, it happens fairly often.

Not to wear this out … but if two masks are so much better, why not three? Four?

So yeah, despite the evidence, we’re not as dumb as we look. We get it that the mask is how our president can preen and pontificate about just how darn important masks really are – without the risk of having to actually say anything.

It’s either that or it is his way of muffling his voice so nobody is really sure what exactly he’s saying.

Both make sense.

Before you wade any deeper, we want to be clear. We’re all for the vaccines. This is not an anti-vax screed. We get it that a lot of people refuse to take the vaccine. That’s fine for them, but count us in.

The biggest problem we see with the government rollout for the COVID vaccine is that for those of us who are so brave and only cry a very little bit, there are no certificates for free ice cream cones.

Add that to the long list of things the government doesn’t do well.

But if he believes the vaccines work, why does Joe Biden insist on wearing a mask? And if Joe Biden doesn’t think vaccines work – thus he straps on his mask – then why are the rest of us expected to get inoculated?

If nothing else, it will be interesting to watch how long it will be until President Biden finally removes his mask and declares normal breathing safe once again. Not because it matters much to most people – but it would signal the end to the great mask war.

Supporters of masks claim they provide great protection against the virus. Critics disagree. They say masks are more about optics and control than safety. Both sides cite science.

But word out of Oregon last week does raise question about masks and intentions.

Health officials there propose to make mask mandates permanent. Permanent, as in forever – or until those same health officials decide differently.

Thinking people would say this is just dumb. They would say that bureaucrats cannot force people to wear masks just because they order it so – at least not in a free country.

But remember, this is Oregon. Thinking people are not in charge there.

Even if it doesn’t happen, simply raising the possibility does lend credibility to those ‘crazy’ conspiracy people who claim masks are more about power than any virus.

There has been no shortage of crazy COVID orders issued by governors, mayors and assorted bureaucrats since all this started.

Based on those orders, here’s what we know:

• COVID is deadly as sin in churches – but not so much at Home Depot.

• COVID will kill people dancing in a bar, but not a guy sitting at the bar.

• COVID kills when you buy carpet, but not groceries.

• COVID claims victims as they walk into restaurants, but never while they are seated and eating.

• COVID is too-too dangerous to big-city school teachers, but not people who work at grocery stores in those very same cities.

• COVID is deadly in small stores, but not big national chains.

• COVID never infects protesters, unless they are protesting the wrong thing.

• COVID kills travelers – just not politicians when they travel.

And on and on it goes, including at the White House.

The President MUST wear two masks to protect himself, but Texans are immune to COVID from infected immigrants – invited by the very same president – who are pouring across the border.

COVID is a lot like gender these days. It’s really hard to ‘follow the science.’

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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I find it interesting that the author of this article has written about something that he has not informed himself on. Wearing a mask, even after receiving the vaccine is about ensuring one does not get or convey the disease. I also find it interesting that this author will stoop down so low to find fault with current President. To disagree is fine but to be so childish and silly is another. To support the last president is to support sedition. Wearing a mask elicits inane remarks while causing, supporting an insurrection elicits praise.


I’m confused, just whose science should we actually be following? And, is not bad advice, regardless whether it’s scientific or not, still just bad advice? Science can give insights into the nature of the pandemic, but there is no scientific formula pointing to a solution. Science can’t fix this for us — except to make rough projections of the way various courses of action will play out. Polarization has pushed people into extreme camps. Use common sense!

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