So it turns out James Damore was ahead of his time.

James Damore?

This goes back a bit, but it’s worth noting now given the recent news out of Saudi Arabia. Well, actually the news is more about Google than the Saudis but regardless, it is still worth noting. And, like so many things from the Left, it oozes of hypocrisy.

But before we dive into Google and James Damore there is an item provided courtesy of Arnold Schwarzenegger that fits with the hypocrisy theme. The former governor of California was at the National Press Club last week as an invited speaker. Like so many of his Hollywood brethren, Gov. Schwarzenegger feels free to lecture the rest of us about most everything.

So he did.

But while lecturing celebrities are common, this particular piece of pontification is worth noting because of the topic. It had to do with global warming climate change.

“ . . . that’s why I am a crusader, an environmental crusader around the world to make sure we stop this madness of using fossil fuels and that we switch to renewables . . . but this government doesn’t do anything about it.”

The Hollywood star continued yammering for some time – which is really, really rich. This is the same guy who, not that long ago, commuted to work in a private jet. Seriously. A private jet. But it’s your carbon footprint that worries him.

As the saying goes, I’ll believe global warming climate change is a crisis when the people lecturing the rest of us start acting like it’s a crisis.

The topic of global warming climate change probably surfaced at the National Press Club because of the vote in the Senate last week. You will recall that Democrats are pushing something they call the “Green New Deal.” In fact, most every Democrat candidate for President – and there are plenty – supports the scheme that would destroy the economy as we know it today.

Well, sorta’ they support it.

When the “Green New Deal” came up for a vote, not a single Democrat voted for it. Not one. The Democrats claimed it was dirty politics for Republicans to expect them to vote for something those same Democrats rabidly endorsed. They say that the “Green New Deal” was not proposed as legislation. That is, when they clapped and clamored for the “Green New Deal” they really didn’t expect it to become a law.

Hypocrisy? You decide.

And finally we make it to James Damore.

Mr. Damore is the guy who worked for Google. Google you will remember is the company that will not work for the Pentagon, but is making a yeoman’s effort to develop artificial intelligence for the Chinese government. The company has made no attempt to explain its eagerness to work with China while showing disdain for the United States. But that’s another story.

Mr. Damore no longer works at Google because he had the audacity to suggest, in an internal memo, that men and women are different. While this does not seem a radical concept to any mother, father, husband, wife – it offended the Thought Police at Google – so he was fired. Of course, the Thought Police there don’t say it that way. They say he “violated the company’s code of conduct.”

Since then, the company’s “code of conduct” must have changed.

Last month Google refused to remove an app, developed by Saudi government, which allows men to control where their women travel. Sure, we get it that Saudi law mandates every woman must have a male guardian. But it does seem fair to ask why Google would join their efforts to squash women’s rights.

So it seems the Google Thought Police now agreed with Mr. Damore.

Men and women are different – at least in Saudi Arabia – presuming there is money to be made.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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