So here’s a potpourri of items collected over the last several weeks that may be of interest. Potpourri, of course, is the French word for “there is a deadline and you better get something done.”

-- And speaking of the French, you may have missed the latest on plans for rebuilding Notre Dame, which burned last month. The Catholic cathedral took some 180 years to build, yet even while firefighters were still on the scene, French President Macron pledged to re-build in five years.

It could take that long just to agree what to build.

One might think it would be proper to restore the cathedral as it was. But one would be wrong. Instead President Macron wants to rebuild the cathedral so it is “consistent with our modern, diverse nation.”

It’s anybody’s guess what that means, but one architect thinks he knows. He proposed adding a minaret to the Catholic Church. A minaret, of course, is a tower built into mosques.

The lesson is might be that if you worship at the altar of diversity – you’re gonna’ get some strange altars.

-- This bit of news surfaced just last week – but nobody really noticed.

The mayor of Yuma, Arizona – not a sanctuary city - declared a state of emergency because the federal government had released so many asylum-seekers into his city because law dictates they cannot hold them.

The mayor said Yuma does not have the resources to provide for these people. He said the massive influx could bankrupt his city.

All this happened the same week the sanctuary-city mayors – the people who support illegal immigration – screamed and howled when President Trump suggested releasing these people into their cities.

So take the lesson to heart. Leftists, like the preachy sanctuary-city mayors, are really all about posturing and preening - especially with other people’s money.

-- And speaking of Leftists, did you hear about the good work by the bunch in St. Louis?

So it’s all the rage of late to get people released from jail. In fact, this could be a problem for Joe Biden because when he was in the Senate he pushed hard for a crime bill that dictated people selling crack cocaine had to serve long prison terms.

It was quite popular then, but that was 30 years ago.

Today people are riled up about that. They say “non-violent” offenders do not belong in prison. Maybe. But what they forget is that it was parents who lobbied to get drug pushers put away.

In those days, crack cocaine was what Fentanyl is today. Kids were dying, lives were ruined and families destroyed because crack cocaine was cheap and available.

Now that’s changed. Good liberals have revised history to fit their “everything is racism” narrative. They charge that crack cocaine dealers were sent to prison because they were mostly black.

The good news is some of these former drug pushers have reformed and deserve to be released. President Trump introduced one at his State of the Union Speech.

But a crazy outfit in St. Louis has taken the “empty the jails” to the extreme.

Last week The Bail Project, a non-profit organization, posted $5,000 bail to get a guy out of jail. Cops had put him there because he beat hell out of his wife.

Once he got out of jail, he went back and killed her.

The people at The Bail Project promise to review their policies prevent tragedies in the future. That sounds like a great idea for the future.

Back in the present, the woman is still dead.

-- A few Democrat governors recently launched an effort to change the 2017 Trump tax cuts. They say the tax cuts resulted in a tax increase for some taxpayers.

Some rich taxpayers.

Here’s what happened. Under the old law, wealthy people who own expensive homes in states with high taxes (Read: Where liberals run things.) could take an unlimited deduction for state and local taxes off their federal tax bill.

To say it another way, poor taxpayers in other states subsidized these wealthy taxpayers and their fancy homes.

The new tax law ended that by placing a limit on how much could be deducted. So now, rich people in these states are paying more in taxes – just like Democrats constantly preach they should.

For years the “tax the rich - tax the rich” has been the mantra of good liberals everywhere. Today, with the left-wing bunch now running for President, the caterwauling is even louder.

So, if “tax the rich” is so darn good, why are these liberal governors so upset?

Apparently they’re just like mayors of sanctuary cities. They really don’t believe their own speeches – it’s all about the preening and posturing.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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