Finally, some good news in the bakery wars.

So, for whatever reasons liberals have a thing for bakeries. They take great joy hauling bakers into court, which - like most things liberals do - makes no sense.

Bakers make donuts. We can all agree donuts are nature’s near-perfect food. It’s akin to blasphemy to hassle the people who bake them.

Yet despite all their good work, the Left continues to persecute bakers.

We’ve all read about bakers who, citing their religious beliefs, refuse to bake a cake for gay weddings. In fact, one Colorado baker is now facing a third lawsuit over no-cake-baking from the compassionate, benevolent, merciful liberal crowd.

That’s three times he has been sued by leftists. They still won’t leave this guy alone, even after he won at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Bakers in Oregon and Washington state were also sued because they refused – again citing religious beliefs – to bake cakes for a gay wedding. There are other examples of too many lawyers in the kitchen, typically over the same issue. You get the drift.

We’re not here to rehash the entire gay wedding cake conundrum. But it does seem odd that the Christian guy in Colorado keeps getting sued. Everyone knows he doesn’t want to bake cakes for those affairs. It seems long past time to just leave the guy alone and just go to another bakery and buy a cake.

Of course, that’s not the point. Much like the occasional bride who feeds her groom the first bite of cake, what the Left really wants it to shove their beliefs down your throat.

Which raises another question: How come these people never, ever stumble into a Muslim-owned bakery?

No matter. The latest front of the war on bakeries was in Ohio. But in this instance the bakers not only won, they won so much money they could make a nice down payment on Betty Crocker.

So the story goes like this. This family-owned bakery has been in business for three generations. They operate their business in a college town. So far so good.

But in November 2016 things went south. That’s when three students from Oberlin College went into the bakery and stole some wine.

(Column break: The items the students stole explain how this small-town bakery has been so successful. Think of it. Donuts and wine. Two of the best things ever made. These owners are business mavens. No wonder they’ve been successful for more than 100 years).

But their long streak of success almost did not survive the theft of the wine. Not because the wine was so costly – but because who stole it.

What happened is a kid stuffed the wine down his pants. When the grandson of the founder of the bakery tried to stop them (there were three), the thieves ran. He pursued. When the cops arrived, the grandson was on the ground getting pummeled by the would-be thieves.

The cops sorted things out and the three thieves, eventually, pleaded guilty. That should have been it. Except it wasn’t. It turns out the kid who stole the wine was African American.

You know where this is going.

When the news broke of the theft and ensuing arrest, this became all about race. The grandson who tried to stop kids from stealing, morphed from a hard-working small business owner to a – you know this already – RACIST!

Mobs of college kids, with the support and encouragement of college administrators, turned out to protest. Repeatedly. Chanting, hollering, yelping – all with same message: That the family who were part of the community for three generations were a vile bunch of racist, scumbag vermin.

Students, with the help of college administrators, did everything they could to ruin the business. And they did it with the vitriol and hate the Left so often brandishes these days.

The family sued for libel and slander. A jury agreed that college administrators were at fault and ordered the school to pay some $44 million for trying to destroy this family and their business.

This is not the first time we’ve seen college kids do dumb things. In fact, it was at least the second time these particular college kids did something immensely ignorant.

Before they stole the wine, they spent $52,000 to attend Oberlin College.

But overpaid college administrators should know better. It seems, however, they rarely do.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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