Whoever let Burgess Owens in the room should be penalized.

That’s what Democrats were thinking when Mr. Owens took the microphone during the hearings for reparations in the House last week.

Having resolved deficit spending, problems at the VA, fixed the deficit and restored Medicare and Social Security to solvency, Democrats in the House moved on to an issue voters didn’t know was an issue – until the campaign started.

Presumably when this is resolved, Democrats will proceed to eliminate the Electoral College, make all other colleges free, drop the voting age to 16 (or 11 depending on polling data) and bring Venezuela-type prosperity to the United States in the name of saving the planet.

But first, reparations are the priority.

So it was that House Democrats launched hearings on the topic last week. Supporters claim that taxpayers should pay African Americans for the evils of slavery. Details are scarce, but the idea is if people who had nothing to do with slavery give money to people who never were slaves, the world will be a much better place.

Again, it’s not clear how all this would work – or whether descendants of the 350,000 Union soldiers killed in the Civil War could also expect payment.

No matter. Details are for people who must actually produce something. Not politicians.

So the hearings proceeded with the customarily cooperative media in attendance. While most everyone saw or read reports about the hearings, you may have missed what Burgess Owens had to say.

Mr. Owens is a former NFL player. He had a great career, which included winning a Super Bowl. And let’s face it, it is because Mr. Owens is a former professional football player that he was given the opportunity to testify.

Mr. Owens, who is black, has a different take on reparations. He thinks if payment should be made – as Democrats claim – then the people who defended slavery should pay.

Yeah, this is where the Democrats running the hearing started to fidget.

That’s because Mr. Owens – who was once a Democrat – pointed his finger directly at the people in charge of the hearing. He said it is the Democratic Party that should pay reparations.

His theory is interesting.

Instead of extracting cash from all taxpayers, Mr. Owens said only the people who supported slavery should pay. Of course, that would be the Democrats, which explains the fidgeting from the politicians who called the hearing.

Democrats were not only on the wrong side of the Civil War, they stayed on that same side for another 100 years.

There were dozens of famous Democrats in Congress who vigorously fought to stop the Civil Rights Movement. It was just last week that Joe Biden learned he would be wise to forget their names.

But aren’t we painting with a broad brush here? Duh.

Note to liberals: That’s what happens when you blame a group of people for crimes of individuals.

But it is worth mentioning that in the very same building where Mr. Owens offered his comments, there is a statue honoring a famous Senator who was a leader, and recruiter, for Ku Klux Clan. And yes, he was a Democrat.

Note to the social justice crowd: How come nobody has torn down that statue?

We’re not here to carry water for Republicans. Their party has no claim on purity. There have been as many horrid Republicans as there are vile Democrats.

But it is just wrong that Mr. Owens’ comments did not receive more publicity. In just a few sentences, he highlighted what a scam the reparations hoax really is.

If only, like the NFL, hearings had instant replay.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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