If they really believed what they preach – would they do this?

So yeah, we’re back on the global climate warming change theme again this week. And that raises the question of a possible refund. You spent good money on this newspaper. It seems reasonable that you could expect original content. Perhaps you can take it up with the circulation department.

But a couple stories from last week did not receive the attention they deserve so we’re here to rectify that.

You will remember that thousands of bureaucrats from all over the world – complemented by a large contingent of really rich people – converged on Glasgow to preach and wring hands about change global climate warming.

By all accounts it was a great show and much was accomplished. Of course, all those accounts were generated by reporters who love all things climate.

Well, not all things.

The news out of Glasgow that did not receive much media attention says more about climate than what was spewed from Scotland last week.

For example, are you aware that the rich people who attended the climate conference travelled there by private jet? Some reporters – reporters who actually recognize news when they see it – visited airports to count the private jets.

They found more than 400.

That’s 400 private jets used to transport rich people to a climate conference – a climate conference where these very same rich people go to preach about YOUR carbon footprint.

Remember, these are the same people who tell us we are in the midst of a climate crisis. If they really believe this is a crisis – as in we’re all gonna’ die – would they behave this way?

They harangue the rest us continually about the earth ending in 11 years – or wherever their current tally stands today – but watch what they do, not what they say.

Bill Gates and Al Gore are among the finest hypocrites when it comes to change warming climate global, but they’re not alone – as evidenced by the private jets in Scotland last week.

(Quick aside: Jeff Bezos may have been the champion really-rich-hypocrite at the climate conference. It goes without saying that Bezos travelled to the climate conference on a private jet. That’s expected.

But he went one better.

Before he climbed into his private jet to go to the climate conference, he had to exit his massive yacht. No word on the carbon footprint of this particular yacht – but given its bigger than most buildings in Brooklyn, we can agree it is substantial.)

The point here is the people who preach the loudest about the dangers of CO2 belch more of it than most small countries.

But nobody – not even Joe Biden with his 85-car parade to the Vatican – can top the hypocrisy wrought by Ursula von der Leyen.

So yeah, we understand that Miss Ursula is not exactly well-known. She is another bureaucrat in a world filled with bureaucrats. And like most bureaucrats, who collect generous salaries prior to cashing in on lucrative tax-funded pensions, Miss Ursula is passionate about climate.

So passionate, in fact, that she preaches often on the subject. And, in her role as chief of the European Union, Miss Ursula has plenty of opportunity to preach.

The sermon is always the same: YOUR carbon footprint is too big; if only YOU did not own a car; if only YOU never took a vacation; if only YOU would quit eating beef; If only YOU had no car; if only YOU lived in a small apartment; if only YOU did not have children etc. etc. etc.

Miss Ursula doesn’t have new material when it comes to climate. Hers is the standard sermon of those who espouse that religion – but her preaching is especially delicious given her recent private jet flight.

The private jet flight that transported her 31 miles from Vienna to Bratislava.

We may not be able to find Bratislava on a map, but we know where this story belongs: Right there under “you can’t make this up.”

The very same lady who chaired a roundtable discussion about the danger of CO2 last week, took a 31 mile trip in a private jet.

And yes, she could have taken a train but that would be beneath her. Besides, that’s how common folk travel, the people who must reduce THEIR carbon footprint to save the planet.

But perhaps we’re being too harsh.

Miss Ursula does, after all, work in Europe. So in fairness, to put things in proper perspective, her flight wasn’t “only 31 miles” … it was actually more like 50 kilometers.

That sounds so much better – and makes as much sense as anything spouted by the climate change global warming crowd.

DAN HAMMES is the former publisher of the Gazette Record.

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You may want to look in the mirror do define hypocrite!

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