This guy never could be prince of Benewah County.

More news about The Royals surfaced again last week. And that, by itself, is somewhat astounding. Here were are in the midst of worldwide pandemic yet Meghan and Harry still matter to some people.

And speaking of some people, who can explain the British and the infatuation with The Royals? Good grief, the money they throw at that bunch is bad enough, but the time they spend reading about and watching their antics, foibles and farces is quite another.

No wonder the British Empire crumbled.

That’s not to say the British aren’t nice people. And they are so adorable when they try to speak English. But these latest royal shenanigans are just too much.

Ever since Prince Harry met up with that Markle gal things have gone awry. It wasn’t long after she arrived on the scene that he announced he wanted to quit being prince.

Quit? That infers someone ‘hired’ him in the first place. That’s odd since there is no interview for prince, there are no references required to be a prince and nobody ever asks for a work history. Despite never being hired, he still quit.

The Brits, stiff upper lip and all, went along. If truth be told, they were probably relieved. Even by royal standards, that Markle gal appears to be rather high-maintenance.

But it is one thing to give up a crown, quite another to quit hunting.

Which is what Harry did last week.

It seems that very same Markle lady dislikes hunting; about as much as she hated being a royal. So, just like his gig as a royal, Harry quit hunting.

Now, by all accounts, Harry is a really decent chap. He served in the Royal Marines bravely and honorably – including service in Afghanistan – although it is true he had to leave the Royal Marines when he ditched Buckingham Palace for California.

But while the Brits were all fussed when he ‘quit’ being a royal, there’s been very little clamor over his pledge to stop hunting. The lesson here it’s not just the funny way they talk that separates us from the Mother Country.

It’s safe to say that while people who live in Benewah County don’t much care if Prince Harry is still a prince. But he would be subject to all sorts of ridicule at local pubs when guys heard he quit hunting because his wife said so.

There is good news.

The rundown on the guy formerly-called-Prince-Harry is that he can’t hang with his military buddies, he doesn’t fly attack helicopters any more and now he can’t go hunting.

He’s gonna’ do just fine in Hollywood.

And speaking of actors, Nancy Pelosi was on a late-night television show last week. We’re not suggesting late-night television is not what it once was, but this particular host actually thought having Ms. Pelosi would help ratings.

As if we don’t get enough of politicians during the day.

The talk-show host, James Corden, is said to be a comedienne. After Ms. Pelosi’s appearance, we would have to agree – because the Speaker of the House was absolutely hilarious – in a Marie Antoinette sort of way.

During her appearance, Ms. Pelosi explained how she is ‘getting by’ during the coronavirus shutdown. That’s when she opened her $24,000 freezer and revealed it was stuffed – really, really stuffed – with ice cream.

Ice cream that costs $12 a pint.

To put that in perspective, if Ms. Pelosi bought ice cream like most people – in the 3 gallon tub – she would have to spend $288 to get the ice cream that most pleases her palate.

Memo to Madam Speaker: Not a great look the same week some 22 million Americans are out of work.

And the timing could have been better as well.

It was just days before she opened her crazy-costly freezer to reveal her ice cream stash – ice cream so expensive it belongs in a vault – that Ms. Pelosi blocked funding that would have helped preserve jobs at thousands of small businesses.

Including several in Benewah County.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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