Up until last week, it was a campaign pledge was more akin to the humor so enjoyed by middle school boys than anything serious.

But recent news demonstrates cow farts aren’t funny anymore.

A court in Minnesota has joined with the Leading Lights of the Democrat Party in proclaiming the danger of gaseous bovines. The Minnesota Court of Appeals cited cow vapors as a reason to deny an application of a dairy farm to expand.

This really happened.

Some of the best legal minds in Minnesota, after considerable deliberation and chin scratching, agreed that wind from the south end of a cow spells doom for the earth.

Being lawyers, of course, they said it nicer than that. What they said is the agency that had granted the permit to the dairy had not considered that the “greenhouse gas emissions” that the additional cows would produce.

So what was a joke – farting cows – is now the stuff of serious legal consideration.

And yes, we get it, it’s just Minnesota.

This is the same place, after all, that gave us Ilhan Omar. She’s the lady who married her brother yet still managed – thanks to sympathetic reporters – to get elected to Congress. She also likely violated numerous campaign finance laws, including using campaign cash to pay her paramour (not her brother), although nobody seems to care (Re: More sympathetic reporters).

But it was only after she was elected that we learned in addition to being a great political thinker, she is also a historian of some renown. It was Rep. Omar who reminded us that on Sept. 11, 2001 “some people did something.”

But never mind that. Those are mere details especially since she wears stylish scarves and is so photogenic.

The remarkable thing is how fast cow farts evolved from comedy to critical.

Call us out-of-touch, but we put the Green New Deal and the histrionics of the environmental wackos in the “it’s never gonna’ happen” category.

Remember, it was just weeks ago, after the biggest names in the Democrat Party unveiled this disaster, that Nancy Pelosi ridiculed their plan.

One would think when the Speaker of the House calls out the plan it would die a quick death. Four words best describe the Green New Deal: It is pure insanity.

Yet leading legal thinkers consider the most laughable aspect of a ludicrous plan to be a threat to Mankind’s very existence.

Ideas are not dangerous just because they’re dumb. But they get that way fast when powerful people endorse them – as have most candidates seeking the Democratic nomination.

And this bunch has a slew of strange ideas.

Free health care for illegals, court packing, reparations, abolishing ICE, the 16-year-old vote, ending the Electoral College, a ban on fracking, forgive all college debt, outlaw private health insurance, free monthly income, endorsing electric jets – the list continues.

It just can’t get any crazier. Except it did.

Last week Elizabeth Warren pulled a stunt that makes all things Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez seem sane by comparison. Ms. Warren felt compelled to explain to her supporters which pronouns work for her.

For those who missed the pronoun crisis, it is fashionable among fringe liberal-types to explain exactly which pronoun are best for them. No longer, according to these folks, is it acceptable to look at a man and presume he is a him.

For whatever reason, Ms. Warren has joined the pronoun crusade.

And that too, happened really fast.

It wasn’t long ago that the Pronoun Police were viewed with ridicule and disdain. Yet within a few weeks we have the leading Democrat candidate – this lady could be our President – enunciating pronoun preferences at a campaign rally and the crowd cheers.

If you’re thinking this is a craziest campaign ever, you’re right. The scary part is with the vote more than a year away, there’s ample time for things to get a lot crazier.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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