Two recent news items are worth noting – even though reporters took little note.

It’s anybody’s guess why reporters and editors did not pursue these items. Perhaps it is because the media have been consumed with the third Ukraine story – not to be confused with the first and second Ukraine stories.

The first and second Ukraine stories?

It makes sense if you didn’t know there were two Ukraine stories before the current Ukraine story. That’s because, like the great beef slaughter and the terrorist with the jetliner, they received scant news coverage.

While the third Ukraine story has received massive coverage, the first two Ukraine stories are much more newsworthy – even though they hardly made the news.

The first story is how the Ukraine government meddled in the presidential election. This story is just like the story about Russian meddling – except it actually happened. What’s more, unlike the Russian-election-meddling myth, the Ukrainian government was working to help Hillary.

That could explain why reporters ignored it.

The second Ukraine story is about Joe Biden’s son getting rich as a favor by the Ukrainian government to the vice president. It was also ignored, until it couldn’t be.

It’s only because of the third Ukraine story, the one about Trump saying things he did not say, that you are now hearing about Joe Biden’s son.

But we’re going to be hearing plenty about Ukraine for the next several months. For reporters, Ukraine is the new Russia. But these are the two stories that were not covered but are worth your attention.

Let’s start with the great beef slaughter.

With the election more than a year away, voters with good sense ignore much of what politicians say. But this is one of those rare instances when you should know what politicians clamoring for your vote are saying.

Democrats want to tax what you eat. But unlike most tax schemes, these Democrats don’t view this as a way to get more of your money to spend – although spend they will.

This tax is as a way to change what you eat.

Their plan is to tax beef to make it more expensive. Their theory is if beef costs more, the Little People won’t be able to afford it. If nobody buys beef, they figure ranchers will be forced to raise lettuce instead of cows. This will save the planet.

Lettuce ranchers will save the planet?

Sure, unlike cows, lettuce never farts. And cow farts, say leading Democrats, are killing our planet. Seriously. They believe this. Worse, it’s not their craziest idea.

But while the crew of Democrats running for president has moved so far Left that the “Party of the Working Man” is no longer recognizable – they aren’t totally insane. That’s why, instead of a lettuce bake, they had a steak fry to raise campaign cash.

And that’s the story you didn’t read.

The very same week leading Democrats lecture the rest of us for eating too much meat (one candidate promised that if elected he would use his power to "modify Americans’ diets") they fried up 10,000 steaks for a fundraiser in Iowa.

Can you say hypocrite?

While lettuce ranchers, cow gas and the Great Burger Tax are the stuff of chuckles – right up until one of these characters actually wins – the news item about the terrorist and the jetliner is serious stuff.

This country does, after all, have a history with terrorists and jets.

That’s why the lack of coverage of the Miami airplane mechanic is so astounding.

Last month, it was reported that an airplane mechanic with American Airlines had tampered with a jetliner. According to the report, the mechanic – said to be an avid union man - was angry because the company would not agree to a new labor contract.

His logic – on par with the Democrats’ theory on cows – was that if he screwed with a jet at the risk of several hundred lives – American Airlines would quickly settle.

That’s a pretty big story. But it’s even bigger. Way bigger. The guy who tampered with the plane? His name is Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani.

If you guessed this guy ain’t Irish, you’re right. He is an immigrant from Iraq. He is a Muslim. And like so many adherents to the Religion of Peace, he hates non-Muslim. He had made statements calling for the death of non-Muslims.

And there’s more.

When he is on break, resting after sabotaging jetliners, Abdul-Majee likes to watch ISIS propaganda videos on his cell phone. His video selection likely includes beheadings, the rape of infidel women, burning people alive and tossing gays off rooftops – you know, the usual terrorist fare.

Now this sounds like a pretty big story. A would-be terrorist tampers with a jetliner that puts hundreds of lives at risk – but you haven’t seen that in your daily newspaper.

Instead, we got a small news-brief about a mechanic who wants more overtime.

More proof, if you needed it, that it’s not just the politicians who don’t get it.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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