One thing about Bernie Sanders, the guy is consistent.

As a good Socialist, Mr. Bernie always wants to spend Other People’s money for things he likes. It’s what Socialists do.

Of course, they only do the spending after being certain some of that money sticks to them. That’s how it is that Socialist countries always have an extremely wealthy and privileged upper class – and then everyone else.

That’s why Michael Bloomberg has him so fussed.

Yeah, more politics, as if there weren’t enough of that already. One word: boring. But this stuff is so crazy; the political world so upside-down – that it just couldn’t be ignored.

Mr. Bernie is mad as hell about Mayor Mike. In recent speeches he railed and clamored about Mayor Mike. He is upset because Mayor Mike will not sell out to special interest groups.

Of course, he didn’t say it that way.

What he said was Mayor Mike is ‘buying the election.’ Never mind, of course that is exactly what Mr. Bernie is trying to do. That is, Mr. Bernie scrounges, hunts and begs for all the campaign donations he can find. They all do.

The difference is Mayor Mike is using his own money.

To a Socialist, that is unforgiveable.

Now, we’re not here to carry water for Mayor Mike. There is just something inherently wrong about a guy who wants to tell the rest of us how big our soft drinks can be.

Seriously. He did that. When he was Mayor of New York.

Or whether a restaurant can have salt on the table.

Seriously. He did that. When he was Mayor of New York.

Freedom, even for something silly like how big a Slurpee can be, is a good thing. But Mayor Mike doesn’t think you can be trusted to make your own decisions. That’s why when he was mayor he thought it was his job to dictate what the Little People should eat and drink.

People like that should not be in power.

Then of course, like so many of the wealthy liberal set, Mayor Mike fashions himself a Climate Warrior. He wants to inflict rules on the rest of us that will drastically increase your cost of energy. You know, energy for heating your home, making hot water and for driving to work.

Mayor Mike concedes his schemes will cost money but he wants to ‘save the planet.’

Except Mayor Mike makes these claims at the same time he owns and operates jets and helicopters – and who knows how many homes. In fact, when Mayor Mike was mayor of New York, his habit was to fly one of his private jets to the Bahamas for the weekend. And he did it a lot.

To say it another way, Mayor Mike’s carbon footprint in a month is greater than yours for a lifetime – yet he preaches about emissions.

People like that should not be in power.

Elizabeth Warren also blasts Mayor Mike for not groveling to special interest groups for cash. The one-time tribal member would prefer he grovel for cash from lawyers, teachers, drug companies – just like she does.

For all his faults as a candidate, Mayor Mike is being lambasted by his political opponents because he is too successful. His success, after all, is the reason he is able to spend millions – a billion? – of his own money to run for president.

There was a time when we, including Democrats, admired success in this country. Agree or disagree with Mayor Mike, but there no questioning his success.

Yet Mr. Bernie and Ms. Elizabeth tell us Mayor Mike’s success is reason enough to reject him.

Of course, those two are wrong about most things. The fact is there are plenty of reasons not to vote for Mayor Mike. His success, however, ain’t one of them.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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