The events of the last few weeks bring pure nostalgia.

Remember when the Enraged Ones were all about walls? Before the ‘mostly peaceful’ protests that included riots and looting, walls were what fussed the Left so.

Those were simpler times.

Of course, it goes without saying that anyone who supported a wall at the border was a racist. But all those ‘racists’ were manufactured by the Left without any burned stores, ruined businesses or shot cops. It was just so much easier than this new age of ‘mostly peaceful’ protesters.

But no matter how much the rest of us may pine for a return of a good wall protest, don’t hold your breath.

Walls are OK these days. Well, they were for one day.

Lost in all the riot news of late was a recent tidbit out of Portland.

You will remember that Portland was Antifa Central for protests and beatings over the Border Patrol. In fact, the Enraged Ones there staged a weeks-long protest, complete with shouting, speeches and graffiti, outside of the building that housed federal immigration agents.

When agents went to and from the building, they were heckled, berated and spat at because they enfored immigration laws. The mayor refused to order police to protect the federal agents.

There was no word exactly on why those protests ended. Perhaps the Antifa faithful depleted all their vacation time and had to get back to their jobs.

But the Portland politicians did not let the opportunity go to waste. They showed their support in a variety of ways – including giving speeches.

One of those politicians was this very same mayor. He preached about the evils of walls and borders.

Which is why news last week was so surprising.

Like many big cities, Portland has been busy of late. There have been a series of protests in the Rose City following the murder of George Floyd.

During this latest flurry of protests, it has been the habit of the ‘mostly peaceful’ protesters in Portland to vandalize city hall. Repeatedly. While windows aren’t off limits, the typical ‘mostly peaceful’ protester in Portland has an affinity for spray paint.

(Quick break: Don’t for a minute think that just because it is small, Portland is Podunk. Portland rabble-rousers are easily as refined as their big-city brethren in cities like New York, Chicago and D.C. Their frequent use of the F-word in their graffiti is visual proof of their level of sophistication.)

After several coats of paint had been removed and other damage repaired on the city hall building, the mayor of Portland decided that things had to change. It was simply costing too much to continually repair the building that police for whatever reason were unable to protect.

So they built a wall - around city hall – both to protect the building and to keep people out.

That lasted one day.

The hypocrisy was just too much for the Enraged Ones in Portland. After all, it was just a few months before that the city suffered through weeks of protest and destruction against walls.

So the next day, the very next day, the city tore down the wall it built to protect city hall. The enlightened leaders of Oregon’s largest city agreed that walls were a bad look.

It seems safe to assume that city crews left the scene, Antifa artists returned with their spray paint and extensive vocabulary.

If you’re thinking all this – even by today’s standards – is too absurd to be true, then it is probably best if you stay put in rural America. Inanity like the wall-today-gone-tomorrow is commonplace in today’s big cities.

And it gets worse.

Sure, we get it. Building the wall Monday and tearing it down Tuesday was a government project. But the fact the city spent $30,000 to get the job done - and then undone – boggles the mind.

And to think they say housing costs are high in Portland.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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