The United States military suffered a massive setback this week. So dire is the situation that some experts question whether the Pentagon can recover. Others say recent missteps will have untold ramifications throughout the world.

You don’t have to be a military strategist to recognize just how inept the current leadership really is. This has been bungled so badly that it is no wonder that some are calling for mass resignation.

But no – the reference here is not to the catastrophe in Afghanistan.

What more can be said about that debacle? Even the most ardent Biden supporter – and surprisingly there still are some of those because we hear from them regularly – would agree the president completely botched Afghanistan.

Although this is a no-Afghanistan zone, there is a point to be made that while that may be Biden’s biggest screw-up – it is just one of a series of monstrous blunders.

But hey, one thing about President Biden – he works fast. He’s managed all this in just seven months.

So last week before the Biden disaster in Afghanistan unfolded, our president made other news that – up until then – would have been the biggest reason to become a critic. Well, not counting the way he paws at young girls.

But this all happened so fast, and was then smothered by news out of Afghanistan, you may have missed it.

Joe Biden asked OPEC if they would, pretty please, pump more oil.

Seriously. The guy who has done more to destroy energy production in this country since – well, Barack Obama – is now pleading with OPEC for more oil.

The whiny request came August 11. That’s when – and really, given his total incompetence with Afghanistan this makes perfect sense – National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan issued a statement begging OPEC for more production.

These people have no shame. Here’s a quick review on Joe Biden’s domestic energy plan:

– He shut down oil and energy development in ANWAR.

– He killed the Keystone Pipeline.

– He banned energy development on federal land.

– He shut down energy leases in the Gulf of Mexico.

– He blocked energy development in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Alabama.

While that’s an impressive list, remember he is only getting started.

Alright, so we get it. President Biden and most Democrats hate U.S. energy and the jobs it creates – but what does that have to do with the U.S. military?

Well, this goes back to January, but you may remember when Lloyd Austin singled-out the biggest threats facing the United States. Now, it matters what Lloyd Austin thinks because he is the Secretary of Defense.

He cited climate change as the massive threat.

But just like in Afghanistan, the Secretary of Defense had the rug pulled out from him by President Biden. At the very same time he was waging war against climate-warming-global-change, President Biden wants more oil from OPEC.

Yeah. This is all beyond stupid. Climate change is not among the biggest threats we face. Even Barack Obama knows that. He had no concerns about ‘rising oceans’ when he bought his massive ocean-front estate.

And today Lloyd Austin probably agrees. As far as threats go, having some 6,000 troops surrounded by Taliban – all armed with the best U.S. weapons including some very nice artillery – likely surpasses his agony over climate.

First Joe Biden crushes U.S. energy, then he wants to enrich OPEC. It’s almost like he forgets which team he’s on.

So Jen Psaki weighed in. She explained that President Biden asked OPEC for more oil instead of easing restrictions on U.S. producers because of … well, reasons.

But the good news, Jen explained, is that President Biden has decreed that the U.S. will be at net-zero emissions by 2050.

Yeah, if you’re thinking that won’t happen, you’re right. Joe Biden has less capacity to change physics as it relates to energy production than he has to – oh, I don’t know:

End a war in Afghanistan.

DAN HAMMES is the former publisher of the Gazette Record.

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