When it comes to making points Enes Kanter is twice the player LeBron James ever hoped to be.

Oh sure, NBA fans will cry foul. They know Enes Kanter does not score more points than LeBron James. LeBron James has averaged 27 points a game. Enes Kanter scores fewer than 10 points per game.

What’s more, NBA fans will say the comparison between the two basketball players gets even more lopsided the deeper you look. LeBron James has been named the league’s best player four times, been the MVP of the finals four times and has led his team to the NBA title four times.

What’s more, many of these very same NBA fans will say that LeBron James is the greatest player in the history of the game.

Besides, who is Enes Kanter anyway?

Kanter plays center for the Boston Celtics – well, sometimes he plays center for the Boston Celtics. It seems the former first-round pick (third overall) is being punished because he does not worship at the altar of China.

And China is a big deal to the NBA.

The people running the NBA believe China represents the largest market for professional basketball. The sport is wildly popular there and given the massive size of the market, NBA officials work diligently to appease the thugs running the place.

Then along comes Enes Kanter.

Unlike pretend “social justice warriors” like LeBron James, Enes Kanter is serious about injustice in the world.

That’s why he continues to publicize the murderous regime in China. It is also the very same reason he doesn’t play much anymore. The NBA does not tolerate criticism of China.

Simply put, there is too much money to be made in China. And even though the people running the NBA, and the big stars in the NBA, already have more money than they could ever spend – they want more.

So – when it comes to China – mum is the word.

Enes Kanter does not do mum – but he does do Islam.

That is, Enes Kanter is a Muslim. That could explain why he is so vocal about the murderous goons running China.

The reports about the Chinese government's horrid treatment of Muslims are well-known. The news about slave labor camps, rape, murder and organ harvesting are widespread and well-documented.

Even Joe Biden, whose family has deep – and very lucrative – business ties to the Commies running China, cannot deny those facts.

But the NBA does.

That’s why the millionaires running the NBA are so upset with Enes Kanter. Not only does he use social media to publicize the abuses in China, he wears shoes in games that further advertise the evils of Communist China.

Just last week he wore shoes painted to depict splatters of blood with the words STOP ORGAN HARVESTING IN CHINA written in big black letters.

Needless to say, the Chinese government is upset. True to form with all Communists, they outlaw news they don’t like. The broadcasts of all Boston Celtics games are now banned in China.

And our bet is the NBA will also take action.

Perhaps you remember Daryl Morey. He was the general manager of the Houston Rockets. He had the audacity to think the abuse of protesters in Hong Kong by the Chinese government was wrong. He said so publicly.

The Chinese government quickly “suspended cooperation” with the team and urged the NBA to “clarify and immediately correct the mistakes.”

Daryl Morey was “resigned” by Houston.

So the NBA was quick to appease the Chinese government. How long will it be before Enes Kanter looses his job? He knows the risk but he promised the NBA – and Red China – that he would not stop haranguing China.

Contrast that with LeBron James.

LeBron James castigated Morey for supporting the Hong Kong protestors. He said criticizing China was bad because “so many people could have been harmed not only financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually.”

Good grief. No matter how much money LeBron James has, it ain’t enough.

So Enes Kanter may not score as many points as LeBron James, but he makes better ones.

DAN HAMMES is the former publisher of the Gazette Record.

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