That was sudden.

Now even the Left doesn’t trust the FBI.

For three long years people on the Right have been screaming, yelping and gnashing teeth about the corruption in the FBI. But all their suspicions fell on deaf ears. In fact, anyone who questioned the ‘integrity’ and ‘professionalism’ of the FBI was written off as a loon.

Instead, we were told, the ‘most respected law enforcement agency in the world’ was too good, too respectable, too far above the fray to ever play politics.

We now know none of that is true.

Leaders at the FBI not only spied, they lied – a lot. They lied to Congress, they lied to judges, they lied to the American people, they lied to reporters, they lied to the President; despite oozing ‘professionalism’ they lied to anyone and everyone if it served their purpose.

And that purpose was not to serve the public.

More damning is the simple truth that if Hillary had won the election, nobody would know about this all-new Fourth Branch of government.

(It is at this point that we must include the obligatory nod to the ‘regular’ agents of the FBI who serve with distinction - although, it might take some convincing to get Gen. Mike Flynn to concur. The agents who interviewed him agreed he did nothing wrong. Yet for three years, long enough to destroy him, his reputation and his finances, not one of those agents who ‘serve with distinction’ stepped forward.)

And we get it. Right up until the time Hillary conceded the election, which took a while, this was a run-away train. Nobody wanted to stand up to the shenanigans of the ‘scandal free’ administration. Not only would it destroy a career – but who would believe them?

Think back to when then-candidate Trump – employing proprietary syntax – said that President Obama ‘had my wires tapped.’ Who believed him?

It was so outlandish to think that a sitting President would use law enforcement and the intelligence agencies to spy on an opponent, that everyone simply wrote the claim off as just another wild Trumpism.

Sure, that stuff happens: In Russia, in China, in a multitude of African countries. And it is likely standard-operating-procedure in your average Latin American election.

But the Obama Administration, we were told, reeked of integrity. In fact, in a speech in Latin America President Obama said – with a straight-face no less – that his administration demonstrated that ‘it was possible to gain great power without corruption.’

So, it was simply impossible there would be any ‘tap my wires’ in an election in this country – except there was, and a lot more, much of it worse.

But for all the screeching by conservatives, not much has happened.

The Justice Department is investigating. And investigating. And investigating some more. Lindsay Graham, who spends more time on television than in the Senate, will have hearings. Soon. Very soon. Very, very soon.

If they stall this thing long enough, say until November, it just might not matter.

But the noose could be a game-changer.

So we’ve all had a good giggle about the garage rope. The one disguised as a noose. And how 15 FBI agents, having closed the ruin-General Flynn-case, were dispatched to ‘investigate.’

(And just you never mind why there were 15 FBI agents, lounging about, available to drop everything in pursuit of the ghost roper.)

The important thing is they solved the caper. It turns out that sometimes a rope attached to a garage door really is just a, well, rope. No matter who parks his car there.

But while you and I might grin about yet another – and there have been several – fake noose story, Al Sharpton is not smiling. He’s mad. The man who made an industry of dealing race cards knows the FBI is hiding something.

He wants an investigation. This could be good.

Because the FBI really is hiding something and now that somebody on the Left cares, maybe we can learn what it is.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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