Everybody’s heard of Greta Thunberg but Richard Lindzen remains anonymous.

That lede may be lacking - but on the eve of yet another United National Climate Summit courtesy mostly of your tax dollars – it is timely.

You will remember that Miss Greta is the forever-angry teen from Sweden. Miss Greta, lovingly called an ‘activist’ by her many fans in the media, is world renown. Her scowl, complete with gritted teeth and furrowed brow, is recognized everywhere.

In fact Miss Greta was in the news again just last week. Yet another supporter (they were once called reporters) interviewed the teen about the climate summit.

It turns out Miss Greta is not happy.

There’s no real news there since she is always mad, but she did provide a great quote. And her quotes are something her cheerleaders – ‘er reporters – savor.

Miss Greta said she is “so done with climate summits because all that happens there is blah, blah, blah, blah” – or words to that effect.

What Miss Greta conveyed is that she is even madder than before because climate summits are useless. She disparaged the meeting because nothing will happen. Thousands of government bureaucrats from around the world will get together to talk, eat, drink, talk some more – plan the next meeting – and then fly home.

None of this is possible, of course, without staying at the very finest hotels.

Taxpayers, as always, pay the tab.

It is good that at a young age Miss Greta understands how bureaucracies work, but let’s be clear - she is not angry about the horrible waste of money. She is mad because the bureaucrats will not ‘take action’ to waste even more of your money on global climate warming change.

Contrast that with Richard Lindzen.

Richard Lindzen does not think any action is necessary. He questions the entire theory of global climate warming change. He charges that there is very little evidence of man-caused global warming.

Like all scientists, he points out that climate is always changing and most recently the earth has been warming since the 1700s - long before you drove your first SUV.

So how does Richard Lindzen stack up against Miss Greta when it comes to climate science?

Well, unlike Miss Greta, Richard Lindzen did not stage a junior high school strike over climate to become a media darling.

He is, however, an atmospheric physicist; a physicist with a doctorate degree; a physicist with a doctorate who taught for more than 30 years at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Oh yes, and he has written more than 200 scientific papers and books.

Yet when reporters need “information” about global climate warming change, they scurry to talk to Miss Greta. Hence, Miss Greta is a worldwide celebrity and you’ve never heard of Dr. Lindzen.

Or Dr. William Happer.

Dr. Happer is another skeptic of the global climate warming change theory. In fact, Dr. Happer rebukes the main claim of the climate alarmists that CO2 is evil.

He says the opposite.

He believes there is NOT ENOUGH CO2 in the atmosphere. Dr. Happer argues that this world would be a better place is CO2 levels increases 500%.

Read that again.

At the same time Democrats and UN climate sycophants want to spend trillions of your money to “fight” CO2 – Dr. Happer argues we need more of it.

While Dr. Happer has a tremendous resume, including a long career as a professor at Princeton, reporters don’t interview him about climate. That seems strange given that Dr. Happer specializes in the study of the spectroscopy of carbon dioxide.

We have no idea what the ‘spectroscopy of carbon dioxide’ is. But it sounds like he knows something about CO2, which would make him a great candidate for media interviews.

Just not as good, apparently, as Miss Greta.

And that’s the point.

Miss Greta is a worldwide celebrity and you never heard of Dr. Happer or Dr. Lindzen. Reporters consider a grouchy teen a better source for all things climate than two accomplished, honored professors who have invested many years studying climate.

Over the next several days you will be inundated with media reports about the ‘climate crisis.’ We predict you will not see any reporting  from skeptics of the theory surrounding CO2 and climate.

That doesn’t mean the skeptics are entirely correct – although they get our vote.

But it does mean that when it comes to climate, we are only getting part of the story.

DAN HAMMES is the former publisher of the Gazette Record.

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Again your editorial is slanted, without fact. The Biden climate plan, and the people he has surrounded himself with, are – for the first time in American political history – committed to seriously addressing climate threats. Biden’s Green New Deal would give the US a mission. “In theory it could be a source for jobs, a national service for youth, and a sense of purpose that this wounded country sorely needs. James Hansen, Syukuro Manabe, Susan Solomon, Phil D. Jones, and Veerabhadran Ramanathan are some of the the nations top climate scientists who, with proof, state that our climate is changing with global warming.

Richard Lindzen, a Republican, prefers to ignore science and without proof states that there is no climate change. He even wrote a letter to Trump petitioning to change course and withdraw from United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change(UNFCCC). Since then, Trump has shown a near-total disregard for climate change. And unfortuantely, all his followers believe his lies.

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