We’re slow on this but the lesson seems to be a lot depends on how fast you can run.

And yes, Jon Gruden was fired long ago. But given the Kyle Rittenhouse trial started last week, this is somewhat timely.

So you will remember that Gruden, the former coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, was fired because of things he wrote in a couple of emails.

As it turns out, Gruden hit the trifecta. That is, the emails included racist, homophobic and misogynistic language. So he was canned. We’re not here to defend Gruden. He did something really stupid and paid the price.

Compare that to Tyreek Hill.

Hill is a superstar with the Kansas City Chiefs. He is a superstar not only because he is a talented athlete, but because he is one of the fastest players in the National Football League.

And to clarify, this is the very same National Football League that booted Gruden because he wrote something bad.

Now Hill did not write anything bad, but he did choke his pregnant girlfriend – right before he punched her in the stomach. Like the Gruden affair, this was quite the news story a few years back.

The difference is Hill is still in the NFL and Gruden is not.

So the question begs, if Jon Gruden could run real fast, especially right after he caught a football, would he still be in the league?

That prompts a second question: Would we have ever heard of Kyle Rittenhouse if he could run faster?

Rittenhouse faces all sorts of charges for shooting two men dead and wounding another during the riots in Kenosha last year. Rittenhouse says he acted in self-defense. The prosecutors claim he murdered two people.

People who are following the trial closely agree that things are not going well for the prosecution. Testimony from prosecution witnesses – prosecution witnesses! – exonerates Rittenhouse.

But even if you aren’t following the trial, the video itself proves the defendant’s claim. We’ve all seen the pictures of Rittenhouse running towards the police before he was caught and beaten by the mob. It was during the ensuing melee that he shot two people.

(The third person was shot earlier and killed. A prosecution witness testified that Rittenhouse shot him as he reached for Rittenhouse’s gun – after chasing Rittenhouse through a parking lot.

Other testimony confirmed the man he shot was the same person who earlier promised to kill Rittenhouse, when he caught him alone.

It was after he shot the man that Rittenhouse starting running towards the cops. (This is the video you’ve most likely seen where Rittenhouse is being pursued by a mob.)

So, if Rittenhouse could have outrun the mob – would there be a trial?

Oh sure, the prosecutor may have still charged Rittenhouse for the first shooting. Given the caliber of this particular prosecutor, that in fact is probably what would have happened.

Never mind, of course, that the testimony of the prosecution’s best witness – the prosecution’s best witness! – supports the claim of self-defense.

So we jest in comparing a pudgy old guy – Jon Gruden – to a superstar NFL athlete. And there is nothing funny about a man punching and choking a pregnant woman.

But the fluid, sometimes-they-matter, sometimes-they-don’t “values” of the NFL are worth noting.

The real travesty, however, is when our government manufactures new “values” as is the case in the Rittenhouse trial. No serious analysis of the prosecution’s case justifies the charges against Rittenhouse.

And then it gets worse.

Last week BLM and Antifa thugs issued threats against the judge and jurors in the Rittenhouse trial. They were clear, if the jury did not return the “correct” verdict, there would be consequences.

So how does a guy get a fair trial when jurors know their family is in danger if they arrive at the “wrong” verdict?

You don’t. That’s the point.

This “new justice” started last summer when Leftists, liberals and leading Democrats defended and supported the rioting, looting and violence in dozens of U.S. cities.

You will remember that the Vice President of the United States donated, and helped raise money, to ensure rioters, looters and violent thugs were immediately released from jail.

Kamala Harris, always a deep thinker, knows nothing mean “social justice” as much as stealing other people’s property.

The prosecution did not prove its case against Rittenhouse. But you can never predict what jurors – especially when their families are threatened – will do.

One thing is certain: When it comes to Justice in this country, we’re moving fast in the wrong direction.

DAN HAMMES is the former publisher of the Gazette Record.

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Again we can see your blatant racism! I suppose you disagree with the Aubrey verdict. Pretty soon you will support supplying all newborn white males with AR 15s?

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