About the same time we learned about China’s newest missile there was news out of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.

The two incidents – combined with National Pronoun Day – say a lot about the priorities of the Biden Administration, and the direction in which Joe Biden is leading the country.

National Pronoun Day?

Yeah, us too, who knew there was such a thing?

But, once again, if you were previously unaware of pronoun day, consider the money you paid for this newspaper a sound investment – because now you know.

But before we delve into the news about the State Department and its reverence for proper pronouns, let’s talk missiles.

So last week we learned that China has developed, and successfully fired, a hypersonic missile. This caused massive fuss.

There is no defense against hypersonic missiles. If such a missile were equipped with a nuclear warhead, there would be no way to stop it.

Alright. That’s not good. But does it really change anything? If one country lobs a nuclear weapon at another country – will any of us survive? No defense system is foolproof and certainly the country that was hit by a nuclear weapon would respond, which would prompt another response, etc. etc. etc.

So probably the better question is, would any of us really want to survive a nuclear war?

That’s why Iran is such a threat to humanity.

The world has survived the last 70 years despite there being massive stockpiles of nuclear weapons because the countries that control those weapons understand the consequence of their use.

Do the leaders of Iran concur?

Maybe. Maybe not. Remember, the ardent believers in Iran are thinking there are gymnasiums filled with virgins who await true martyrs. Would that be incentive enough to light the final fuse?

Perhaps not. Perhaps the religious leaders who run Iran are concise, logical thinkers. But does anyone want to take that chance?

And yes, we get it. Talking about preventing Iran from getting a nuke is a lot easier than actually getting it done. Iran is filled with smart, well-educated people. There is no doubt they are capable of making such weapons, so how to stop that from happening?

We can start by making certain they know for certain we are serious.

That ain’t easy when the people in charge of our foreign policy are such jokes.

So the State Department last week announced its support of International Pronoun Day. Yes, you read that right. Pronoun Day.

It seems the pronouns never got their due. The Biden Administration wants the entire world to know just how seriously the United States takes pronouns. So seriously, in fact, that pronouns are now backed by the credibility and full weight of the United States government.

In the world of international diplomacy where statements are carefully crafted – then dissected – so their true meaning is understood, this sent our adversaries a clear message about the priorities of the Biden foreign policy.

And it’s not a good message. And the fact it comes on the heels of the Biden Afghanistan boondoggle makes it worse.

And then we have Rachel Levine.

Levine is a man and says he is a woman. Last week Levine was promoted to admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. Reporters said that made Levine the organization’s first female four-star admiral. They reported this despite the fact genetic tests would show Levine is a man.

Some science, apparently, is better not followed.

The news about Levine – and there was plenty of it since the media loves all things Woke – came the same time as reports about China’s missile.

The timing was coincidence, but says plenty.

Does anyone really believe Levine got the promotion because of qualifications? To say it another way, If Levine did not wear a dress to work, would we have ever heard of him?

You know the answer. Biden promoted the guy to gain favor with the people who now own the Democratic Party.

The world has always been a dangerous place. Joe Biden and the leftists to whom he reports did not make it that way. But it becomes far more dangerous when our adversaries don’t take us seriously.

Hand-wringing over pronouns, or rewarding people based on how they dress, does not help in that regard.

DAN HAMMES is the former publisher of the Gazette Record.

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I can feel your hatred. It’s so thick you can cut it with a knife and eat it with a fork. I’m afraid many of us are finding it a little too tasty. You must spit it out before it’s too late. Because once swallowed, hate can only nourish your capacity for more hate — and the violence to which unleashed hatred can easily lead.As a candidate and president, Donald Trump has given people more of a license to hate, never more so than with his foul, lie-spewing conduct since his election defeat.The Christians who make up the country’s religious majority ought to know better than to hate.Political fighting often brings out the worst in people. Hate the hate but never the “hater.” Because hating other people won't get us anywhere we want to go.

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