The writing wasn’t exactly on the wall, but its locale served the same purpose.

And how is that this so often happens with our friends on the Left? They scold, they cajole, they lecture, they hector – but they never abide their own preaching.

Here are some recent examples of the liberal dictum to do as they say, not as they do:

• It's fairly common for wealthy leftists to preach about climate warming crisis change as they flit about in private jets.

• More than one liberal leader, be it a mayor or a governor, has issued strict stay-at-home orders while the same time they cavort at fancy restaurants – or on beaches in Mexico and Florida.

• Good liberal mayors love masks. Well, they love it when YOU are forced to wear a mask. They’re not so keen on the idea when they’re out at a bar, dancing and drinking with their besties. Then, it seems, masks aren’t really all that effective.

• All leading Leftists today yelp about defunding the police. There are more than a few examples of these very same defund-the-police nitwits who use tax money to hire additional private security.

• Along the same lines as getting rid of your police – while expecting the rest of us to pay for additional police protection for them – is the gun control scam. The best and brightest of the liberal set are adamant you don’t need a gun to protect your family. They preach this often, in fact many of our liberal brethren have fashioned impressive speeches about taking your guns. Those speeches are typically delivered in a building protected by hundreds of armed guards.

And on and on it goes. Liberals have transformed hypocrisy into a fine art.

But last week’s effort, delivered by the Darling of the Left, is the Mona Lisa of liberal deceit.

So you may have read recent reports about the Met Gala. It’s an annual fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York City. It is, according to Vogue magazine, “fashion’s biggest night out.”

Maybe, we’re not sold.

And yes, it is true that when our feet are cold we will wear socks with sandals, so perhaps fashion is not our thing. But some of the photos from that event suggest fashion is not a “thing” for a lot of those people.

But one person who the media (Read: Supporters) had quite a thing for was Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Her outfit generated considerable chatter among the fashionable chattering set. She wore a long white gown … a long white gown with the words “Tax the Rich” written in scarlet letters across her backside.

The writing on the wall so the speak.

The dress-as-a-billboard preaching raised the bar for liberal hypocrisy.

First, Miss AOC has more than $5 million in campaign cash – and the election is a year away. That means she will raise millions more. That’s millions and millions of dollars to run a campaign in an election she is certain to win. (There’s just no explaining some voters.)

So, yeah, she knows something about rich people when they give her campaign cash.

But of course, she would never suggest eliminating the tax deduction for campaign contributions.

What’s more, she played her role as “I’m here for the poor people” while rubbing elbows with the very same rich people who donate to her campaign. Tickets to the event cost $30,000.

But Rep. AOC’s liberal preaching about taxes and rich people gets even worse.

The lady who designed the dress? Well, she’s rich. At least she had an extra $250,000 to buy a table at the gala.

She did not, however, have enough money to pay her taxes. Seriously. The “Tax the Rich” dress lady doesn’t pay her taxes.

You cannot make this up.

Of course, the whole thing is bunk. The rich pay plenty of tax. We won’t bore with the numbers, but if you care to learn, the amount of taxes rich people pay is more than “their fair share” – no matter who’s deciding what’s “fair.”

With the amount of taxes rich people pay – along with the rest of us – is not however enough to pay for the various spending schemes good liberals constantly devise. There NEVER will be enough of other peoples’ money for what Leftists demand

One final note on liberals and hypocrites: All the rich people, the people who paid $30,000 to attend the Met Gala. None of them wore masks.

The servants? The people who poured their champagne and cleared their dirty plates?

They were masked.

DAN HAMMES is the former publisher of the Gazette Record.

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Fake news and more lies. What am SOB story!

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