Here’s a riddle: What’s the difference between Justin and Joe?

Answer: Sixteen.

Of course, the answer could change as more candidates announce, but as of the day the first woman accused Joe Biden of squeezing/hugging/sniffing, the number was sixteen.

That is, there are 16 Democratic candidates who have announced they are running for president. That number does not include Joe Biden – who has not yet announced he is running – but it does explain why he is expendable.

Justin, however, is not expendable because the next guy in line is a Republican.

So the moral here is this: We absolutely, positively, without-doubt, must believe ALL women, unless the next man up is a Republican.

It seems ages ago, but Justin Fairfax – the Lt. Governor of Virginia – was accused to raping two women. One would think, given the popularity of the “Me Too” movement and just coming off the Brett Kavanaugh debacle that Justin’s career would be over.

But not so fast.

Despite the fact leaders in Justin’s party were howling and hooting just days before about how “all women must be believed” it suddenly became obvious that we can only believe all women when it won’t hurt a Democrat.

Again, it’s been awhile, but the woman who accused Justice Kavanaugh was far less credible than the two women accusing Justin. Despite that, leading Democrats – including a few now running for President – became sloganeers throughout the Kavanaugh hearings, repeatedly chanting that “all women must be believed.”

Due process? The Constitution? Presumption of innocence?

Well, those are all nice things – but Democratic leaders today agree they take a back seat to politics.

But with Justin? Not so much.

Those same Democrat leaders know if they applied identical standards for trashing the Constitution and really did “believe all women” – then some darn Republican might become governor.

So Justin continues to serve at the Lt. Governor of Virginia, as does the black-face guy who is governor.

But our bet is Joe Biden ain’t gonna’ survive the stroke, squeeze and fondle scandal.

And that is kinda’ odd because Joe Biden has been pawing women – and young girls – for a long, long time. The videos and photos have been available on the web since Barack Obama’s first term.

(Haven’t seen them? Search “Creepy Uncle Joe.” If you want an added bonus, search “Naked Joe Secret Service” . . . that’s the other vulgar side of Joe that nobody’s talking about.)

The difference is Joe Biden was useful then – like Justin is today.

That is, we couldn’t make a fuss over Joe’s happy hands when he served with President Obama because that was, after all, the most scandal-free administration ever.

But Joe is no longer useful. The difference now is there are plenty of Democrats running for President. When Joe previously pawed women – and grabbed at young girls – he was the only Vice President Democrats had.

Add to that the fact that Joe is a moderate (actually compared to the Socialists leading the Democrats today he is downright conservative) and it becomes readily apparent that the Democrats are trying to shove him aside.

We could be wrong. Joe may survive his happy-hands scandal. If he does, the question arises as to what happens to the “Me Too” movement?

Nothing will happen. Such is the miracle of Leftist ideology.

Oh sure, the “Me Too” crowd may go mum momentarily. But they will once again dominate news coverage should President Trump ever nominate someone to the Supreme Court.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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