It does not have the significance as happenings at the Cana wedding, but it is quite a feat nonetheless.

Andy changed air into natural gas.

While a miracle of this caliber should be front-page news, the story got very little coverage. It happened earlier this month when Andy ordered National Grid to sell gas to more customers.

At first glance, this seems strange. Why does it take an order from someone to prompt a company to make more money?

It’s complicated.

Most of what makes it complicated is the fact Andy is a politician. In fact, he’s a big politician. You recognize him by his grown-up name. He is the governor of New York. His grown-up name is Andrew - as in Andrew Cuomo.

We just can’t use his grown-up name in this instance since his antics are those of a child. Every parent has been there. A young child demands the impossible and when he can’t have it the child throws a fit and acts like, well – a child.

That’s our Andy, governor of New York.

So here’s the backstory of Andy’s fit last week:

National Grid is a utility that serves customers in New York City. People pay the company for natural gas so they can heat their homes and cook meals. Nice things.

The problem for National Grid is there’s not enough fuel for everyone.

Well, that’s not true. There is lots and lots and lots of natural gas. In fact, the state of New York sits atop an ocean of the stuff. The problem is the Good Liberals who run the state – including Andy the governor – passed a law banning fracking.

Never mind this makes no sense. Not only would fracking produce an economic boom in upstate New York and create thousands of great jobs, it would generate billions in tax revenue for the state.

The Liberal Set refuses to allow fracking because they are going to save the planet instead. Never mind that natural gas is the most environmentally-friendly fuel available. Never mind that the U.S. has cut CO2 emissions because of natural gas while emissions in European countries that constantly yak about CO2, jumped dramatically.

Oh yeah, and never mind that there is no alternative.

But banning fracking was not enough for the Good Liberals in New York. They went one better.

Andy and his bunch also forbade any new pipelines. Pipelines that would transport Natural Gas from areas where crazies are not in power to New York City – where people prefer warm homes and hot food.

Now, none of this was done in a vacuum.

The entire time the Good Liberals preened about the environment – before going home to a warm house and a hot meal – utility executives told them demand for natural gas would outstrip supply.

They told the ruling class that without new pipelines to bring gas from out of state, or fracking to supply local gas to local customers, they could not meet demand.

They were right.

Earlier this year National Grid announced it would not connect any new customers. The company made the drastic move because it has no gas to supply more customers.

All this shocked the Good Liberal Set.

Despite their passion in making rules for other people, it never occurred to this bunch that the law of supply and demand cannot be ignored.

But, much like a child who kicks and screams, Andy threw a bit of a tantrum. Andy did not want to hear about shortages. He just wanted all the mad voters who could not get service to their new homes to go away.

So he fixed things.

Governor Andy ordered the company serve more customers. He did not, however, tell them where they could find gas for all these new customers.

Sure, it’s easy to ignore all this. What do we care if sanctimonious liberals ruin things in New York? Hey, the people there deserve the leadership they elect.

The danger, however, is the gaggle of Democrats running for president think just like Andy. They also want to eliminate affordable energy including a total ban on fracking.

Apparenlty their plan is that when our homes go cold and the economy crashes, they will work a miracle.

Just like Andy.

DAN HAMMES is publisher of the Gazette Record.

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