I had no idea my letter would reach all the way to Massachusetts and provoke a response from Barbara Leedom. I will clarify my facts, opinion and sarcasm as simply as I can so they can be more easily understood.

First I have to ask if they/them read the article and paid agitprop from the week of Sept. 17? All of my quotes were from that issue.  First some facts, I was quoting the paid-for advertisement “lil ‘ol St Maries,” no names were given as to who the author is of that piece.

Several is a term meaning more than a couple or a few but less than many or a dozen. My opinion that they are cowards is based on the fact that they hid behind masks and sunglasses and did not sign their names.

I use duckduckgo for my searches, these were at the top of my searches but there were many more articles from different sources with the same conclusions. Defending the murder of the most defenseless and vulnerable in our society by calling it pro-choice is reprehensible and repugnant.

When I speak of God’s law, I’m referring to the one true living God, of the Bible, the triune God (Father,Son,Spirit). And yes there are many other gods and goddesses, and you have a God-given right to worship any one or all of them; Buddha, Allah, Shiva, a piece of wood, a sportsball athlete, technology, $, etc. That is a choice we all have.

I’m sorry about the confusion of the “communist utopia.” That’s sarcasm. Communism only brings untold suffering, pain and death, unless you are the one in charge. Your quote from Goebbles helped make my point about Google and Wikipedia, add to that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, all broadcast news and this quote from former CIA Director William Casey, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

The “Arson is not climate change” was for the locals who saw Washington’s Gov. Inslee call the wildfires, climate fires, and the first hand reports from firefighters across the west coast who saw arsonists starting fires. The jury is still out on man-made global warming or climate change or whatever it’s being called this week.  Some people, including scientists still call it weather.  I hope this clarifies things for you, you seem very inquisitive, but not very informed.

You earned an extra beet this week for your work Comrade Leedom.

Richard R. Deaver

St. Maries

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