So let me get this straight. In the QAnon world, General Patton was Lincoln’s grandson. Benito Mussolini was Patton’s brother. Joe Kennedy, JFK’s older brother who died in WWII, or so we THOUGHT, ACTUALLY went in to hiding and had a son, General Mike Flynn, making Flynn first cousins with JFK Jr.; and Trump is the biological SON of Patton! ALSO making him first cousins with JFK Jr... which is WHY Trump accused Ted Cruz’s father of being friends with JFK’s assassin! He was “avenging” his uncle! Which motivated people to show up at Dealey Plaza to await the “second coming” of JFK Jr., who didn’t REALLY die in a plane crash but has been hiding in plain sight as… wait for it… KEITH RICHARDS, who was going to announce his return and rejoining society to partner with Trump in the “second running” for president as Trump’s vice president!


Bill Weems


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