If I have to borrow money or use my credit card every month to pay my bills I will only increase my credit card debt. This means I need to review my budget and figure out a way to survive on what I have coming in. This means that new car, or new house or vacation is on hold until I can afford them.

Yet, our government doesn’t seem to understand that premise. They just keep printing money in the back room and aren’t telling us what it’s doing to our dollar. The more you stretch it the less value it has. This means your dollar is worth less and less. This means you get less for your buck. So yesterday your dollar could buy five candy bars but today you can only buy four. Tomorrow only three.

The less we can buy only emboldens China and Russia by making their dollar more valuable. As ours buys less theirs buy more.

Biden did this and his cabinet. They want this country to be bankrupt so that socialism can come in and take over.

Please don’t let this happen to our kids and grandkids, vote Republican next November.

Janette Doherty

St. Maries

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