I am so excited to be calling Benewah County my second home for now, eventually my permanent home.

My wife and I purchased property in Santa, I was surprised that there is controversy with putting in a cell tower near our property.

Three giant reasons for the tower to go in:

1. Safety, most of my Santa neighbors are up in age, if someone needed emergency services running back to my landline phone number could be life-saving minutes. I also have a friend who rolled her vehicle in Winchester, Idaho without cell service she was pinned and could have died.

2. Property value, people are moving to Idaho at a record pace, having access to a phone will bring in more needed tax revenue.

3. Trespassing, new software shows that property lines need cell service. This will help let people know where they are.

This is not 5G this is simply expansion that is already available in St. Maries currently. Many other great reasons can be listed.

I am also a state legislator for District 6, by having cell service my communications with other district legislators will benefit District 5.

I appreciate all the kindness that has been directed to us as we become your neighbors. God Bless,

Rep. Mike Kingsley


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As someone who is intentionally moving to Santa to get away from cell towers (I became deathly ill from them) and after researching the health effects of cell towers, I hope that Pokey Creek does NOT get a cell tower anywhere near our newly purchased land. I truly understand the need for communication , but I see fiber optic going in at a phenomenal rate. Internet and phone can run on those. These are viable options to the RF waves which disrupt calcium channels and cause a myriad of health problems, You would be AMAZED at how many. I am a registered nurse and have researched this topic thoroughly.

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