I was appalled at the guest opinion (with no name attached) “Coronavirus cases are climbing again. So what?”

The gist of the article seems to be that the virus has already killed out a lot of the “low hanging fruit” which comprises the “old and infirm,” so we no longer need to be concerned. How crass! I am not infirm, but I am old. I know through my faith in Jesus my Savior, I will go to be with him when I die, but I’m in no hurry to get there.

I am concerned because Covid-19 has proven to be a highly infectious and dangerous disease. Residents of northern Idaho are fortunate that we have a sparse, rural population which, so far, has not had a lot of infection. However, we must not become complacent.

As states open up, we are beginning to get a lot of people from Washington coming to our region for recreation. Some will surely carry the virus here and infect our people who are not taking precautions. They in turn can easily infect the vulnerable. For those who aren’t concerned for themselves about getting the virus because most younger people don’t get very sick with it, I would ask you to do this. Make a list of all the people you know, friends and family members, who are over 65. Then list those who are under 65 who have asthma, COPD, diabetes or other serious conditions. Don’t forget children who have conditions which make them vulnerable.

These people are your “low hanging fruit.” If you could protect them from being terribly ill or even dying, would you be more careful? Would you even wear a mask? It is such a small thing to do.

Gwen Wadley

St. Maries

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Thank you Gwen Wadley. Yes it's such a small thing to do. And it's a Christian thing also.

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