In response to the column, Logic from the Left, it is a shame and a disgrace that a 15-year old girl lost her place on the cheerleading squad to using the N word on social media. Yes, she should have not done so. Yes, much rap music is what you call sewer music, meaning, it’s assumed, dirty. And a final yes, that it was distasteful that NPR rated WAP as best song of the year for 2020.

By the way, NPR does not receive any direct federal funding, it does receive a small number of competitive grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and federal agencies such as the Department of Education and the Department of Commerce. This funding amounts to approximately 2% of NPR’s revenues.

In this time of a new president, isn’t it a good thing to stop the name-calling and get on with the federal government’s job - regulate interstate and foreign commerce, declare war and set taxing, spending and other national policies? Let’s hope not war.

Isn’t it time to stop calling people with whom we disagree communists, leftists, socialists on the one side and hate-mongers, right wingnuts and gun-loving guys and gals on the other side?

Can we begin to try to understand each other? Without the nastiness, sarcasm and profanity? Wouldn’t it be a good thing for me, called by readers of this paper, an east coast elite snob, to talk about why I don’t cater to people walking the streets of anywhere while carrying a gun? And I would like to understand why anyone wants to own an assault rifle.

Please cite evidence, proof, that this last presidential election is called a fraud and a hoax by some people. Why has Donald Trump said so? How can he say he won when he didn’t win?

Why destroy storefronts in Baltimore or the rooms of the U.S. Capitol? Where does looting and mayhem and destruction of public property get anyone with any cause anything but an arrest by the people they are paid to keep us from harm?

How is it that people who chant USA, while at the same time hitting a policeman with a baseball bat, think their rights are being infringed on?

What’s the matter with regulations that support a clean environment? Where I live our town has just banned nip bottles. Most of us think this is a good thing. We also have a lot of rules about wastewater; we want to preserve our fragile peninsula.

We support the gigantic majority of scientists who think the earth is warming, and we humans are partly to blame. Why is this a liberal or conservative thing?

Your publisher has graciously allowed me to write here. I abide by his rule to stay to about 500 words. His paper, his rules, and I’m nearly there.

Let’s support the federal government’s program to get the vaccines to all who don’t want to catch or spread COVID-19.

Barbara Leedom

So. Yarmouth, MA

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I agree with you. No matter how much you repeat a lie, it does not become truth!

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